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The iMAP project (Integrated Modelling platform for Agro-economic and resource Policy analysis) aims to provide robust scientific evidence to support the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the CAP, in the context of the environment and climate change objectives.

A significant part of the project consists in synthesizing large amounts of published scientific evidence on the impacts of farming practices on the environment and the climate. This is presented in the section ‘ Impacts of farming practices on the environment and the climate: synthesis of published scientific evidence’. 

The project is commissioned by DG Agriculture and Rural Development to the Joint research Centre with a long-term perspective (new material is uploaded when it becomes available).

In addition to the scientific research, extra information is provided on:

If you have questions please use the functional mail box: JRC-WIKI-CAP-SP@ec.europa.eu 


European Commission, Joint Research Centre, 2023. "iMAP, Integrated Modelling platform for Agro-economic and resource Policy analysis - Tools to assess MS CAP strategic plans on environment and climate performance". https://wikis.ec.europa.eu/display/IMAP/IMAP+Home+page", version October 2023.

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