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Technical guidance

Draft technical guidance

These documents were discussed in detail but never achieved technical guidance status

Technical reports

  • original 2023: Getting the most of Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS) and GeoSpatial Aid Application (GSAA) datasets JRC133145_lpisgsa_v05_finalb.pdf 2,306 kB
  • JRC publications repository: Land tenure and “at the disposal of” 2018 JRC114455.pdf 953 kB
  • JRC publications repository: LPIS Core Conceptual Model: Methodology for Feature Catalogue and Application Schema 2008 JRC49818.pdf  2,035 kB
  • MARS website: Implementation of IACS-GIS, Reg. 1593/00 and 2419/01 (archive document, 2002)  IACS_Implementation1187v2-2-1.pdf 80.51 kB
  • MARS website: Discussion Paper, Land Parcel Identification Systems in the frame of Regulation (EC) 1593/2000 (archive document, 2001)  2580DiscLPISv1.4.pdf 182.63 kB
  • MARS website: Draft specifications: Parcel Identification System - Creation and/or Updating (archive document, 1997-2005)  4560BlockLPIS.pdf 68.83 kB
  • MARS website: GIS study for evaluating the feasibility of a 1-million object parcel identification system under the IACS (archive document, 1996) 1.07 MB
  • MARS website: Monitoring and Evaluation of IACS implementation for the identification of agricultural parcels in Member States of the EU (archive document, 1994)  TechAlternativesIACS1994.pdf 101.03 kB


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