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How to easily navigate through this help?

  • At the top of the page, the breadcrumb indicates the page currently consulted and offers the possibility to get back to the homepage of this help.

  • The homepage of this help contains a search tool.

How are the pages of this help structured?

  • This section, Navigating to the data describes how to explore the available data under ALL DATA, and how to keep a list of datasets in My data. A glossary defines terms used most frequently

  • Viewing data describes the different ways to consult and visualise data.

  • Downloading data describes how to manually download data, in all possible formats.

Which are the minimum technical requirements to use the Data Browser?

Supported web browsers

The following web browsers are supported:



Google Chrome

Last stable version

Mozilla Firefox

Last stable version

Microsoft Edge

Last stable version


Last stable version

Chrome Mobile

Last stable version

Safari Mobile

Last stable version

When a new stable version of a browser is released, it may take some time to carry out the required changes in the Data Browser.