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  • How to sign in or sign out with EU Login

The Data Browser is a free of charge web interface which allows to access statistical metadata and data.

How to create an EU Login?

This is only relevant in case you do not have yet an EU Login.

Click on the Sign in link, which is visible in the upper right area of the Data Browser page:

Alternatively navigate to and follow the instructions of the page.


Once the EU Login account creation is completed, the user is already authenticated in the current web browser session.

How to sign in or sign out in the Data Browser?

Signing in and signing out impacts all open EU applications in the current web browser session, and not only the Data Browser.

Signing in

When the user is not signed in, a Sign in link is visible in the upper right area:

After entering the required credentials, clicking on the Sign In button finalizes the authentication procedure:

Once authenticated, the user’s first and last names are displayed:

Signing out

Click on the Sign out link in the upper right area, next to the user’s first and last names:

A confirmation is requested:

Once signed out, the Data Browser is displayed again: