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MSGeographical scopeName of the initative (national language)Name of the initiative (English)Type of organisationName of organisationDescription (what the initiative is about and what makes it a good example)Hyperlink/Source
ATNationalMehr Wissen über Konsumentenschutz - Aufsuchende Verbraucherberatung für MigrantinnenMore knowledge about consumer protection - Outreach consumer advice for migrant womenOther NGO / civil society organisationUptrain Association for the Promotion of Intercultural Education, Consulting and NetworkingThe goal of this project was to sustainably strengthen the consumer skills of people (especially woman) with a migration background through outreach, target group-specific events in order to avoid any consumer protection problems later on. A total of 93 consumer protection workshops were held throughout Austria (58 in Vienna and 35 in the other provinces), attended by 1279 people. About two thirds of the participants were women.n/a
ATLocalCOCO lab (Conscious Consumers lab)COCO lab (Conscious Consumers lab)Other (please explain in the description)Austrian Society
and Economic Museum
The overall aim of this initiative is to inform children and young people about the various aspects of consumption and give them an enlightened approach to it through applied information. Interactive stations for joint research, experiments, role-playing, debates and voting, as well as the innovation lab, are designed to increase consumer awareness.
ATRegionalSchuldnerhilfe Oberösterreich & FinanzführerscheinFinancial Consumer Education Program and Financial Driver’s LicenseOther NGO / civil society organisationDebt Advisory Upper AustriaThe overall aim of the initiative is to educate young consumers such that they do not need seek for debt advice / legal financial advice in their later life (prevention). Hence, young consumers are trained with respect to their financial competencies.
Usually education in schools is done by “frontal teaching” that is not very entertaining. The financial education programme closes this gap by offering interactive workshops that teach financial consumer education in a playful and fun way with a high degree in practicality.
BENationalECC4StudentsECC4StudentsOther NGO / civil society organisationECCThe ECC4students webpage and five stickers with a humorous drawing and witty slogan are intended to arouse young people's curiosity and show them the way to the European Consumer Centre. Because the rights of young people and students do not stop at the border either. Since the kick-off of the academic year, the stickers have been found in student restaurants, fakbars and at youth events.
BENationalIkkooplokaalI buy localLocal authorityFlanders RegionIt is a government project to stimulate consumers to buy locally in Flanders and from the local provinces. Each province has his own website (e.g. the province of Limburg has a 'i buy in Limburg' website). Through these websites the Flemish government tries to get consumers to buy Flemish products or in Flemish
BGLocalПроект STEP (Решения за справяне с енергийната бедност)Project STEP (Solutions to tackle energy poverty)Consumer organisationBulgarian National Association Active Consumers - BNAAC, with assistance by Agency for Social Assistance and municipality representativesBNAAC sets up its main objective as notifying and advising local consumers on the need of a National Strategy to battle energy insufficiency. A secondary objective is to create a network of energy experts, who, on the basis of the advice provided, would further inform consumers on ongoing changes.  As all actions taken are in particular cities, it is undeniably a local initiative. This is a great example of an initiative that is original, as the organisation is both setting up a series of meetings with local consumers to provide them most needed advice on an important topic- electrical consumption and efficiency, but also visiting places where the consumers are physically present- libraries, community centres, municipality buildings and schools, up to 25 at some places. Lastly, the internet platform of BNAAC, with valuable information, was also readily available, as part of seeking out consumers by way of leaflets, given on such occasions.
BGLocalПроект Just OriginalProject Just OriginalConsumer organisationBulgarian National Association Active Consumers - BNAACBNAAC, in cooperation with Italian and Spanish consumer organisations, sets up its main objective as informing students aged 11-18 about counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights by setting up a series of meetings with them, in their school classhalls. This objective is achieved primarily through interactive games and dialogues, by which each student creates helpful advertising materials in the sphere of counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights, to be distributed to their peers. This initiative is undeniably a local one, seeing as actions are taken only on the municipality level. Its originality is stemming from the pure interactivity with the young consumers- by both teaching them about the importance of the topic, but also requiring that they themselves assist in making of materials to be distributed, by them, to students of a similar age. The consumer advice dimensions are seen in the pre-purchase phase, as the knowledge of intellectual property can affect the consumers massively.
BGLocalПроект Call-sumersProject Call-sumersConsumer organisationBulgarian National Association Active Consumers - BNAACBNAAC, in cooperation with several countries, among which Romania, Slovenia, Greece and Spain, sets the main objective of this project as informing elderly people (60+) of the importance of joint consumption in their daily lives, including of goods, electricity, heating, etc. By this way, the financial burden of their daily lives, as well as the environment damage would be decreased exponentially. The initiative is conducted by distance, on the Zoom online platform.  The consumers themselves get to know of the meetings conducted on a local level, thus the requirements of location is fulfilled. In comparison to the above projects, this particular one presents consumers with the possibility of gathering all relevant information purely via the Internet. Of course, in order to popularise the initiative, an information campaign is conducted, including by visiting popular locations as libraries and community centres, retirement homes and others. Due to the nature of the consumer group, explicit instructions are given both in person and online. This would have been compounded by meetings, organised in meeting, but for the COVID-19 pandemic. The proactive approach makes this initiative original, but also consumer-related, as it deals with a wide array of topics, under the umbrella of joint consumption.
CYNationalΕίμαστε μαζί σαςWe are with youConsumer organisationCyprus Consumers Association Provision of information on consumer related issues through the dissimination of leaflets to consumers on the streetsInterview
CYNationalΣωστή καταναλωτική συμπεριφοράProper consumer behaviourNational authorityConsumer Protection ServiceOrganisation of lectures to children at schools of primary and secondary education about their consumer rights and proper consumer
CYNationalΕθνική εκστρατεία για τα δικαιώματα των καταναλωτώνNational campaign on consumer rigjhtsNational authorityConsumer Protection ServiceProvision of information on consumer related issues through relevant announcements on the authority’s website, the press (newspapers), social media and radio in combination with the dissemination of leaflets and promotional gifts to consumers on the
CYNationalΔημόσιες ανακοινώσειςPublic announcementsLocal authorityConsumer Protection ServiceProvision of information on consumer related issues through relevant announcements on the authority’s website in combination with the dissemination of leaflets and promotional gifts to consumers on the
CZNationalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Consumer organisationCzech Consumer AssociationPress materials concerning consumer protection for consumers with disabilities (blind and deaf), as well as for seniors. Furthermore, creation of videos and shorter spots for children and young people.  Although conducted at national level, the outcomes of the initiative (brochures, videos etc.) are either available online (thus, capable of reaching out local consumers) or available in the 'stone' advice centres (thus again, capable of reaching out local consumers). The content is specifically targeted for the people with disabilities in a way accessible to those people.
CZNationalŠkola spotřebiteleConsumer SchoolOther NGO / civil society organisationGLEConsumer advice and education through online counseling, telephone counseling, information service. The innovativeness of this project lies in the fact that the seminars are not only for consumers, but also for traders (a package of information on how to properly set up consumer protection in the e-shop / online services, with regard to legal requirements). Although conducted at national level, the means of conveying information (on-site seminars, as well as online accessibility) make this initiative accessible to a local audience. Originality: Focus on the providers of goods/services; and assistance to them in complying with the consumer requirements set in the respective legal measures.
CZLocalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Consumer organisationConsumer Protection Association - AssociationSeminars for seniors - consumer rights education. These seminars are organized for seniors in places accessible to them, eg YMCA, community centers, nursing homes. In particular, originality in exploiting a high range of various facilities, where the target audience (the elderly people) is present.N/A
CZNationalJak poznám kvalitu?how do I know the quality?Consumer organisationCzech Consumer AssociationCreation of segment brochures (e.g. chocolate, detergents, etc.). Although National, information can be accessed online or within the particular 'stone' advice centres in the respective regions. Variety of channels, in which information may be gathered. Further, sector (or even goods/service specific) approach in respect of materials providing information on goods/services.
CZNationalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Other (please explain in the description)Consumer ForumGrants or co-financing for the consumer organizations to aggregate data from counseling centers, lines and subsequently to develop, for instance, FAQs. Although national, the final initiative to be subject to a grant or co-financing through the initiative at stake, may address consumers on the local level. Additional sources of funding from the Ministry's grants approach, more initiatives to be awarded with additional funds.
CZNationalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Other (please explain in the description)Consumer ForumGrants or co-financing for the consumer organizations, in order to start / establish social networks (with a view to not only reposting content, but developing their own original content; in addition, for example, establishing consumer organizations' Facebook sites). Although National, the final initiative to be subject to a grant or co-financing through the initiative at stake, may address consumers on the local level. Additional sources of funding, apart from the Ministry's grants approach, for more initiatives to be awarded with additional funds.
CZLocalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Other NGO / civil society organisationNot specifiedAdvice in the local language (Ukrainian, Vietnamese). Applicable in a specific area, where a particular NGO provides its services. Originality: Targeted audience (the Ukrainians, Vietnamese).N/A
CZLocalZvyšování spotřebitelské gramotnosti obyvatel ČR 2020 & 2021Increasing consumer literacy of the population of the Czech Republic 2020Other NGO / civil society organisationSocial Counseling AssociationOrganizing and carrying out seminars (20 in 2020 and 18 in 2021) aimed at increasing financial literacy for the consumer public and especially for seniors living in nursing homes, homes for the elderly. The expected number of people who will go through these seminars for the duration of the project is 300. At the same time, information materials (leaflet, brochure) in printed and electronic form will be distributed among the target group. Local dimension: Local nursing homes, homes for the elderly people. Originality: Targeted audience (the elderly people); presumably, targeted content for the said audience.
CZNationalFinanční gramotnostFinancial literacyConsumer organisationGeneration EuropeMethodical materials (press materials, books) and games for teaching financial literacy; including, for instance, a set of 13 "turnkey" prepared lesson plans for financial education at grammar schools. Although conducted at national level, the outcomes of the initiative are applicable on the local level (e.g. locally, at a particular school)
Originality: Variety of means through which consumer relevant information is provided. In addition, the means are accommodated to the target audience (e.g. games for pupils)
CZRegionalPoradenství k finanční gramotnostiFinancial literacy adviceOther NGO / civil society organisationNational Council of Persons with Disabilities of the Czech RepublicEducational program for people with disabilities in the field of financial literacy. During the implementation period, three educational courses would have been implemented for people with disabilities in the South Moravian Region. Local dimension: South Moravian Region; presumably, within the local centres for the people with disabilities. Originality: Targeted audience (the people with disabilities), whereby the content and form of information provided is accommodated to the target audience.
CZNationalVzory podání pro spotřebiteleSample letters and submissions for consumersConsumer organisationConsumer Protection Association of Moravia and SilesiaBrochure of 55 sample letters and submissions available online. This way, consumer not only rely on advice centres, but to manage and figure out consumer related issues on their own, by giving them access to sample letters and submissions relevant in consumer matters.
CZRegionalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Consumer organisationConsumer Protection Association of Moravia and SilesiaBrochures and leaflets on consumer advice that are available in a hard copy in all Association's stone counseling centres; whereby the stone counseling centres are available in all 'capital' city of all regions of the Czech Republic. The brochures and leaflets are also available on Association's website. Local dimension: Access to the materials through a network of Association's 'stone' advice centres. Providing the consumers with consumer relevant information through various channels, both online as well as offline (on-site).
CZLocalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Consumer organisationConsumer Protection Association of Moravia and SilesiaOn-site seminars and distribution of educational materials (script for students and manual for teachers) in local schools. Some of the educational materials are also available on-line on the Association's website. Specifically, they are educating teachers, and allowing them subsequently convey and spread their knowledge in the field of the consumer protection, in particular to pupils and students.
CZNationalChatChatConsumer organisationConsumer Protection Association of Moravia and SilesiaA chat (online) on consumer related topics (e.g. Christmas shopping), making use of the social media for the benefit of the consumers. It allows to reduce funds for running (expensive) 'stone' counseling centres.
CZLocalZáklady finanční gramotnostiBasics of financial literacyConsumer organisationWest Bohemian Consumer Protection AssociationA seminar that took place in October 2016 at the Secondary Vocational School of Commerce, Applied Arts and Design in Pilsen, as part of the school's project days.
CZLocalSpotřebitelské vztahy z pohledu podnikateleConsumer relations from the perspective of the entrepreneurConsumer organisationWest Bohemian Consumer Protection AssociationA one-off seminar, in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pilsen Region, which took place on 14 October 2014 for women entrepreneurs.
CZLocalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Consumer organisationWest Bohemian Consumer Protection AssociationA one-off seminar that took place in May 2013 for the Czech Women's Union in Plzeň town.
CZLocalOchrana spotřebitele a související zákonyConsumer protection and related lawsConsumer organisationWest Bohemian Consumer Protection AssociationA one-off seminar that took place in December 2012 for for students and teachers at the Rokycany High School in Plzeň.
CZLocalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Consumer organisationWest Bohemian Consumer Protection AssociationA one-off seminar that took place in February 2011 for the Women's Union in Plzeň.
CZNationalPoradíme vámWe will advise youNational authorityCzech Trade Inspection Authority (in cooperation with the Czech Radio - Pilsen)Regular appearance of a representative of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority on the Czech Radio program. Possibility to call the studio and ask questions live. Local dimension: Regional broadcasting - Plzeň town and the Western Czechia Region.
DENationalVerbraucher stärken im QuartierStrengthen consumers in the neighborhoodConsumer organisationFederation of German Consumer Organizations (with local consumer advice centers)Federation of German Consumer Organizations: coordination of the program and provision of the framework, expertise and basic material for the neighborhood work. Consumer advice centers: in structurally weak neighborhoods, trained neighborhood workers provide support on consumer issues. Neighborhood team works directly with residents on site and is active in schools, mosques, senior citizens' facilities and family centers, among other places. Here they provide information about consumer rights in presentations and campaigns.
DENationalVerbraucher60+Consumer60+Consumer organisationVERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e.V. The target group is elderly consumers above the age of 60 years with low digital skills. The initiative covers topics such as digital education, digital skills and digital consumption. The main focus is on prevention, i.e. how to use digital tools safely, how to avoid online scams, how to use the internet for everyday consumption decisions. In addition, the initiative supports consumers when problems arise, i.e. what to do when they fell for a
DELocalGesund Altern und Pflegen im Quartier (GAP)Healthy Aging and Care in the Neighborhood Other NGO / civil society organisationWorkers' Welfare Federal Association e.V. (AWO) Support of healthcare of the elderly (65 years and older) through improvements and expansions in the structure of healthcare. Project goals: a) Promoting the health of people over the age of 65 and caring relatives through the expansion and development of health-promoting structures in the district, b) Networking of central stakeholders in the municipality c) results and experiences will be shared among other quarters
Working groups will be formed to develop tailor-made health promotion measures, which are intended in particular to reach socially disadvantaged and isolated older people.
DELocalTeilhabe XXL im Quartier - Erhöhung der Teilhabe, Partizipation und Inklusion von Menschen mit Behinderungen in der QuartiersentwicklungParticipation XXL in the neighborhood - increasing participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in neighborhood developementOther NGO / civil society organisationWorkers' Welfare Federal Association e.V. (AWO) Modell-project that supports inclusion and participation of people with disabilities within their neighborhood; Project goals: a) Promotion of empowerment and self-efficacy, b) Expansion of neighborhood development to include the perspective of people with disabilities, c) More tolerance, acceptance and respect towards people with disabilities, d) Diversity-sensitive and inclusive living environment; Implementation happens on-site at AWO-offices with the support of employees; AWO-employees receive training to offer more support to the target group and allow them more participation in the districts.
DELocalSmartphone-SprechstundeSmartphone Support HourOther NGO / civil society organisationGerman Caritas Association e.V. Support of elderly people with the usage of smart devices with the help of younger volunteers. Initiative matches target group (elderly) and volunteers and organises regular meeting hours where elderly can seek support on digital topics and smartphone use. The meeting hours are located at district centres or senior citizen centres. Furthermore, an extensive brochure is offered for download.
DELocalSmart Country SideSmart Country SideOther NGO / civil society organisationGerman Caritas Association e.V. The model project aimed at strengthening consumers’ digital skills by inviting them to training courses, lectures and online-classes. Furthermore, digital experts were trained that can pass on their knowledge to the village community. In addition, digital applications such as a village platform, church app or a smart community hall were tested. The overall aim was to educate citizens on digital skills and to foster digital collaboration in the rural area.
DENationalStromspar-CheckElectricity Saving-CheckOther NGO / civil society organisationGerman Caritas Association e.V. Supportive 1:1-consulting and coaching for people with little money on how to save money within their usage of electricity (sometimes it also covers the topics heating and waste management); consumers receive training and saving-tips as well as financial support for energy-saving supplies
DELocalLandFrauenGuides – Verbraucherinfos auf’s Land gebracht!RuralWomanGuides - consumer informations brought to the country!Other NGO / civil society organisationGerman Rural Women's Association (dlv) Within the program, 21 female guides were trained to so called "LandFrauenGuides" in order to support local citizens and consumers with respect to consumption issues. After being trained, the guides offered different advice services, i.e. online and offline workshops. Furthermore, within the project different materials such as guidelines, action days or quizzes were developed in order to inform consumers on daily consumption issues.
DERegionalMedien sicher nutzenUse media safelyConsumer organisationConsumer advice center Rhineland-Palatinate e.V. Workshops and lectures in schools about aspects of media use relevant to consumer protection. Also provide materials for teachers to implement those topics in their lessons.
DELocalExperimentierwerkstatt Ländliche VerbraucherpolitikExperimental Workshop Rural Consumer PolicyCompanyProf. Schramm-Klein GmbHExecution of workshops in rural areas to identify needs and other topics regarding national consumer policies. As a result policy recommendations were developed on how to practically approach consumers and identify their pain-points. Hence, the project does not provide actual advice to consumers but rather to actors that give advice to consumers.
DERegionalVerbraucher*innenPlus – Interkulturelles Netzwerk für Verbraucher*innenbildungConsumerPlus - Intercultural Network for Consumer EducationOther NGO / civil society organisationTurkish Federation in Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.Establish sustainable consumer education by and for migrants of different origins. To this end, professionals and volunteers from counseling centers will be trained on various consumer protection topics and a multiplier network for professional exchange will be established.Über%20uns/
DELocalGut Essen macht starkgood food makes you strongConsumer organisationFederation of German Consumer OrganizationsKindergardens or schools in a neighborhood in the "Social Cohesion - Shaping Neighborhood Life Together" program receive support in providing equal health opportunities for children and young people. This includes training materials for teachers on healthy food as well as individual on-site consulting services.
DERegionalVideochat-Beratung im Digimobil – Verbraucherschutz „Made in Brandenburg“Videochat advice in the Digimobil – consumer protection "Made in BrandenburgConsumer organisationConsumer advice center Brandenburg e.V. The Digimobil by the consumer center approaches consumers in rural areas (bus) and give advice to clients.
DELocalVerbraucherberatung im QuartierConsumer advice in the neighborhoodConsumer organisationConsumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia e.V. Associates from the consumer organization north rhine westphalia; similar to the "Strengthen Consumers in the Neighborhood"-project. Local advice is organised in regular meeting hours. Topics are tailored to the specific needs of citizens within the areas.
DKLocalLokal gældsrådgivning for socialt udsatteLocal debt counseling for vulnerable consumersConsumer organisationForbrugerrådet Tænk (Danish Consumer Council)8 centres all over Denmark where volunteers with relevant experience offer free counseling to socially vulnerable consumer with over-indebtedness.
EELocalTallinna tarbijaõiguste päevTallinn Consumer Rights DayLocal authorityTallinna Strateegiakeskuse tarbijakaitse osakond The initiative represents the proactive approach of local authorities, when topics that are most of concern to the public at the present time are discussed in an interactive format. Outwardly, it has the form of a seminar, a fair. Promotes awareness in a flexible way. With interpretation into the main minority language (Russian). 
ELRegionalΕπαφη με του καταναλωτέςContact with the consumersConsumer organisationCorinthian Institute of Consumers (INKA)Provision of information on consumer related issues through the dissemination of leaflets to consumers on the streetsN/A
ELRegionalΤο νομικό πλαίσιο της προστασίας των καταναλωτώνThe legal framework of consumer protectionConsumer organisationCorinthian Institute of Consumers (INKA)Provision of information on consumer related issues through the dissemination of leaflets to consumers on the streetsN/A
ELRegionalΒασικά δικαιωματα καταναλωτώνBasic consumer rightsConsumer organisationCorinthian Institute of Consumers (INKA)Provision of information on consumer related issues through the dissemination of leaflets to consumers on the streetsN/A
ELNationalΔικαιώματα των Ταξιδιωτών, εφαρμογή κινητούTraveller Rights gr
Mobile up
Consumer organisationEEKE- Union of Working Consumers of GreeceThe Mobile app “Traveler Rights GR” is a useful tool for Greek and foreign tourists who plan to travel and stay in Greece. It is available from Appstore (iOS) and Playstore (android) in Greek and English. The App provides useful information on traveler and consumer rights when traveling (airplane-ship-train-bus) and staying in the country (hotel accommodation-catering shops/establishments- purchases-taxi transfers etc.) and the possibility of direct complaint to EEKE in case of any problem.
ELNationalΗχητικοί ΟδηγοίSound GuidesConsumer organisationEEKE- Union of Working Consumers of GreeceOnline audio texts on consumer protection in general and travelers' rights, mainly targeting people with vision disabilities.
ESNationalPlataformas de afectadosDedicated virtual platforms (thematic) for consumers affected by a problemConsumer organisationFACUAPlatforms are created on different topics (e.g., car cartel, Dentix, Covid-19, energy prices, listeria, etc). Each platforms provides the number of people part of the platform, information on the issue and what can be done by FACUA. This allows action at every level of governance. When the association detects some kind of possible massive fraud among Spanish users, they create a virtual platform that any consumer can join by becoming a member of FACUA. When the consumer signs up to this platform, on the one hand, it allows FACUA to inform through the platform, in a much faster way, of the new facts and circumstances that this specific case may have. Subsequently, if there is information about any type of action or, for example, legal action, it also allows FACUA to warn their potential partners affected by this conduct, by this fraud that goes against their interests. It also makes it easier for FACUA to fight on their behalf.
ESRegionalCharlasConferences on consumer topics in villages, in the regional languagesConsumer organisationFACUA GaliciaThe initiative consists in organising lectures/conferences on dedicated topics. The conferences are organised in villages, in cooperation with the municipality and experts in the topics. As it takes place at the village level, the conferences are most often in Galician. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, these conferences are held online.Interview
ESRegionalN/ABilingual materialsConsumer organisationFACUA Communidad ValencianaThe materials on given topics, in the form of "how to" guides and key facts, are now provided in both Spanish (Castilian) and Valencian languages. This was previously requested quite often by consumers and members from FACUA Comunidad Valenciana. The materials also focuses on informing consumers on their rights and on the steps to take in case they would like to file a complaint. The initiative started in 2018 and follows a rythm of 2 to 3 leaflet online. Examples mentioned include travelling, online shopping, or food (in a supermarket). Since 2020, the materials is only available online.Interview
ESLocalÚnete al consumo responsable. Reduce, reutiliza, reciclaJoin responsible consumption. Reduce, reuse, recycleConsumer organisationHISPACOOPImplementation of the campaigns on responsible consumption "Join responsible consumption. Reduce, reuse, recycle" which was carried out in the supermarkets of consumer cooperatives in the Autonomous Regions: La Rioja, Navarra, Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, Cantabria, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Murcia, for 2 years. The campaign was implemented locally, very effectively with materials in different languages. Numerous towns and cities took part. Information points to inform consumers about different topics, recycling, food, etc. It was very effective because it was directly reaching the local level. People were specifically hired from that region, because of the language issue and to adapt to the territory. The physical presence at these points of sale makes consumer information much easier, although they offer complementary information materials, but the fact of giving advice with physical people is the most important.Interview
ESNationalN/Asocial mobilisation of older people's collectives due to the lack of financial services in rural or local areas in which consumers associations are involvedConsumer organisationSeveral organisations involvedThere is now a social mobilisation of elderly people's collectives due to the lack of financial services in rural or local areas. They are mobilising to raise awareness and claim their rights in the financial sector. The Consumers and Users Council - CCU, of which HISPACOOP is a member as the most representative consumer and user organisation, is very concerned about this and they are trying to influence at a political level and with the Bank of Spain, the Ombudsman, the CNMV, among others, to try to defend and protect the rights and interests of the elderly in the financial sector due to the lack of services at a local level.Interview
FINationalMediataitoviikkoMedia Literacy WeekNational authorityThe National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) The aim of Media Literacy Week is to advance the media literacy skills of children and young people and support professional educators, guardians and other adults in their important media educational tasks. Activities mainly focus on schools and libraries etc. Activities during the week vary from events and campaigns to publishing educational materials.
FINationalKuluttaja-akatemiaConsumer academy (unofficial translation)Consumer organisationThe Consumers’ Union of FinlandProviding educational lectures to all consumers in certain city and region on everyday problems. Before Covid-19 they went to different cities, gave lectures and answered to consumers' specific questions after lectures. Due to pandemic the lectures are at the moment hold on the Internet.
FILocalNuohouspalveluiden kehittäminen tiedottamisen avullaRaising awareness of legislation changes by informing consumers on development of chimney sweep servicesConsumer organisationMerenkurkun KuluttajatVaasa city region gives contacts of chimney sweepers in a release, because the legislation has changed and it has risks to consumers 
FRLocalRéseau d'entraide entre paysans et consommateursNetwork of mutual aid between farmers and consumersOther civil society organisationADEAR 13Creation of an interactive map to create a network of mutual aid between farmers and consumers: this interactive map was created by ADEAR 13 (Marseille/Aix-en-Provence), one of whose missions is to support farmers in selling their produce in short circuits. Following Covid-19, farmers have seen their sales decrease and consumers and shopkeepers find it more difficult to obtain supplies. The aim of this map is to bring producers and consumers together to find other forms of exchange  
FRNationalUN PARTENARIAT INC/CNSA POUR MIEUX INFORMER LES PERSONNES ÂGÉESINC/CNSA PARTNERSHIP TO BETTER INFORM SENIORSOther civil society organisationInstitut National de la ConsommationThe National Consumer Institute (INC), has been a partner, since 2016, of the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA). Their aim is to work together to inform older people about consumer products and services. The two institutions have strengthened this collaboration, as their mission is to inform people with disabilities or loss of autonomy, particularly about technical aids. The INC and the CNSA are committed to improving communication towards the frail public and offering them adapted content. They have for example developed a guide to setting up conventional tablets for older people and their careers, or a guide to install telecare/teleassistance. 
FRLocalFoire : s’informer avant d’acheterFair: get informed before buyingConsumer organisationCLCV GirondeVolunteers and employees of the Gironde Departmental Union of the CLCV and local Unions went to a couple of fairs (the Bordeaux International Fair and ‘les salons visions) to distribute the fair passport to raise consumers' awareness of their rights when buying at a fair, especially about the fact that the consumers have no right of withdrawal in case of a purchase (without credit) at a fair or exhibition.
FRLocalPrévenir avec le devisEstimate: be carefulConsumer organisationCLCV GirondeInformation about estimates: the aim of this action was to hold a stand in the hall of the Bordeaux Métropole building. A game called "the 7 errors in the estimate" was created for the occasion. The aim of this activity was to give consumers erroneous quotes (missing information, errors in prices before and after tax, etc.) and to get their feedback on these non-compliant documents. This game made it possible to discuss with them the commitments linked to the signature of the estimates and to inform them of the need to check the document carefully and to read it before signing.
FRRegionalEsprit critique, détrompez-vous!Critical mind, think again!Consumer organisationUFC-Que-Choisir GirondeIn partnership with ‘Cap Sciences’, a centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture for an exhibition “Esprit critique, détrompez-vous!” (‘Critical mind, think again!’), in Bordeaux (then to be also displayed in Toulouse and Paris). It is a connected exhibition (visitors are provided with a bracelet that records their answers), in line with the actions of UFC-Que-Choisir against the scams and traps that await consumers. 
FRLocalRendez-vous consosConsumption appointmentsLocal authorityUFC-Que-Choisir ArtoisPartnership with CCAS (or other partners) to reach out to consumers and organise discussions around different themes (better consumption, sustainable consumption, scams), with different tools (consumer-friendly).Interview
FRLocalQuizz interactifInteractive quizzLocal authorityUFC-Que-Choisir SartreOrganisation of an interactive quiz (with Kahoo), in partnership with FNAC (shop) in a commercial galleryInterview
FRLocalJeu "J'accepte"Game "I accept"National authorityUFC-Que-ChoisirMobile app to download, game on the protection of personal data. Used especially by teachers for middle and high school students. Game is currently being revised and will be re-launched and re-advertised soon.Interview
FRLocalPartenariat avec des gendarmeriesPartnership with gendarmerieLocal authorityUFC-Que-ChoisirSeveral local associations (UFC) have developed partnerships with gendarmeries to reach out to consumers (especially elderly) and organise discussions and awareness event about scams.
FRRegionalPartenariats avec France 3 régionalPartnership with regional channel (France 3)Local authorityUFC-Que ChoisirSeveral local associations (UFC) have ongoing partnerships with France 3 Regions, which allow them to make regular interventions on regional TV and radios for communications.  
FRLocalConseils de surendettementOver-indebtedness boardsLocal authorityUFC-Que-ChoisirSeveral local associations (UFC) are sitting in over-indebtedness boards (to support concerned consumers) 
FRNationalPrintemps des consommateursSpring of consumersLocal authorityUFC-Que-ChoisirAnnual campaign called the "consumer spring" (soon to be a bi-annual event with the "consumer return") to encourage local associations to conduct original initiatives. Examples of initiatives during this event: a water bar, application scans of products (QuelCosmetic) with the conduct of in-store scannathon operations for example (in partnership with retailers, e.g. with Monoprix). ; 
FRLocalCréation d'une offre de mutuelle santé « communale »Creation of a "communal" mutual health insurance offerLocal authorityUFC-Que-Choisir NantesUFC-Que Choisir de Nantes (44) participated in the development of a low-cost mutual health insurance offer for the citizens of the capital of Loire-Atlantique and the city of Saint-Herblain (44), underlining its concern to improve their access to healthcare. ; 
HRLocalMoj svijet hrane budućnostiFood of the futureOther (please explain in the description)Primary school Viktorovac, Croatian Association for Consumer Protection, Administrative Department for Education, Culture, Sports, Veterans and Civil Society Sisak, Redfork - think tank for biotechnology, Djeram - local CSOThe initiative aims to educate primary school students (ages 11 to 14) on better food choices, nutrition and online shopping. The goal is to educate younger consumers on how to make better decision in the pre-purchasing stage. The participants will be taught how to read food labels and how to interpret the nutrition data to make healthier and more sustainable choices. The activities of the initiative involve interactive workshops in schools, lectures, presentations and demonstrations.
HRRegionalInfo centar potrošačaConsumer information centerConsumer organisationConsumer association Međimurje The overall aim is to raise awareness among consumers about their rights and more specifically enable them access to relevant information and expert advice using "face-to-face" communication and utilising the potential of digital means of communication. Both online and offline means of communication are used to ensure the advice can reach all groups of consumers. For example, the initiative was active on social media but also collaborated with local websites and newspapers  that consumers visit/read frequently. A page was developed on several local websites containing a Q&A form where consumers could get customised advice. Also they published columns in local newspapers on various topics related to consumer rights. In addition, the project relied on traditional channels of communication (email and telephone). This strategy enables the organisers to raise awareness among different target groups.
HRRegionalGodine nisu važneAge does not matterOther NGO / civil society organisationDuga VukovarThe initiative focuses on helping the elderly to remain active parts of society by promoting healthy living and informing the elderly about their social and consumer rights. Many elderly people are frequent targets of aggressive marketing practices and scams so the goal is not only to educate  about consumer rights but to also motivate the target group to use them. Many elderly in the region do not leave the house often and are hard to reach, especially if they also live in remote areas. To engage as many consumers as possible, various activities are organised by the staff, such as field trips and weekly get-togethers.  For example, they have organised regular weekly get-togethers where the elderly can socialise. Educational workshops and personalised consumer counseling have been integrated into these entertainment activities which attracted the consumers in the first place.
HRNationalGlobalni pristup učenju o stvaranju otpada iz hrane u neformalnom obrazovanjuA global learning approach to food waste in non-formal educationOther NGO / civil society organisationCentar za edukaciju i informiranje potrošačaThe aim of the initiative is to educate consumers about the consequences of food waste and how to avoid it. For that purpose the project relies on actively approaching consumers by participating in local festivals (such as Osijek Eco Festival and Vinkovac Nights) in different local communities. Furthermore, the initiative has organised several competitions in summer camps for children with the aim to educate them on food waste also in different regions such as Split and Trogir. The project staff has also approached "multiplier" organisations and organised lectures from teachers and workers in NGOs
HRRegionalZnanjem do financijskog oporavkaFinancial recovery through knowledgeOther NGO / civil society organisationPadobranThe initiative aims to give financial and legal advice to consumers which have questions on their debt management. A special focus is given to vulnerable consumers such as unemployed, low-income groups or overindebted consumers. The association has set up an advisory centre in the office of Croatia's central financial authority FINA in Zagreb. However, consumers from other regions can reach out via telephone. They are also organising educational workshops for workers of FINA to educate them on how to best handle questions from consumers. By establishing a close relationship with FINA they managed to reach consumers in need of advice on the ground and often FINA informs consumers about the possibility to get tailored advice from Padobran. The initiative is currently active in Zagreb, but they are planning to establish offices in other regions.
HUNationalI. Digitális Fogyasztóvédelmi NapI. Digital Consumer Protection DayNational authorityDigitális Jólét Program (Digital Success Programme)On March 22, 2021, the 1st Digital Consumer Protection Day was held within the framework of the Digital Welfare Program. At the event, the audience was able to learn about the most outstanding achievements of consumer protection in the digital space, as well as the challenges ahead, through the professional presentations of the most important Hungarian consumer protection stakeholders and state actors. The forum addressed, among other things, how to improve the consumer experience and new business solutions based on the Internet. In the spirit of digitalisation, the initiative was only popularised through online tools (website, Facebook ads, newsletters etc.)
HUNationalFogyasztóbarát város cím"Consumer friendly city" titleLocal authorityMunicipality of BajaThe "consumer-friendly city" title is awarded to cities putting particular efforts to increase consumer satisfaction in the municipality and to promote the law-abiding behavior of local businesses. For example, in the case of Veszprém, the main reason for awarding the title was the the creation of the "Veszprém card" which is giving city residents the opportunity to use the services of local commercial units more cheaply. They can also get discounted access to city events, and at the same time strengthens local patriotism. The Veszprém Card can be used free of charge by anyone over the age of 14 with a permanent address in Veszprém. In the case of Salgótarján it was justified by the "Conscious Sellers" program, which has been planned for some years raising the awareness and consciousness among the sellers. In Salgótarján they placed more emphasis on the dissemination of knowledge by going into schools and offering small lectures on topics related to consumer protection.
HULocalInformatív kitelepülésInformative forumsLocal authorityConciliation PanelThe employees of the Conciliation Panel went on a couple of occasions to different supermarkets and schools for disseminating important information on consumer protection. It was deemed successful because many bystanders and pupils raised important questions and an educative conversation unfold. None found
HUNationalPénzügyi Navigátor Tanácsadó IrodahálózatFinancial Navigator Advisory Office NetworkNational authorityHungarian National BankThe initiative was established by the Hungarian National Bank with the aim of providing - mostly - rural consumers with professional assistance in answering problems and questions related to financial services, thus strengthening and nationalizing the system of financial consumer protection. Due to the special nature of financial services, the information asymmetry between consumers and service providers is higher than average, and the widest vulnerable layer among financial consumers are also affected. In addition to customer service work (both in offices and online), the unique and gap-filling office network aims to develop financial awareness. The representative of the initiative said that the experience shows that this field (consumer advice in finance) is so specific that people usually find them and it is not very efficient if they try to find the users, thus they don't allocate resources for these endeavours.
IELocalpilot programme 'Money Made Sense'pilot programme 'Money Made Sense'Local authorityrolled out by Northside partnership, in partnership with TASC, supported by MABS North DublinThis initiative is a financial capability program aiming to help people develop financial skills (rather than knowledge). The needs for this program was identified during TASC’s research (cf. TASC, 2020, Exploring Household Debt in Ireland, The burden of non-mortgage debt and opportunities to support low-income households). The study explored at the end the context and information most relevant to the development of a training intervention to support the development of financial capability in order to address the factors for debt identified in the report by integrating tools to support making life choices as well as more self-confidence and self-awareness with greater knowledge of financial management.
IELocalA Way of LifeA Way of LifeNational authorityNational Traveller MABSA programme to give Travellers' knowledge of the various methods that can be used to get the most from their money.
IELocalPartnership with Age-Friendly-IrelandPartnership with Age-Friendly-IrelandNational authorityMABS and Age-friendly IrelandA partnership between MABS and Age-friendly Ireland to train MABS staff to better reach out/communicate to older people (e.g. the one without debts, but whom could be struggling financially, especially with the pandemic) open to financial abuse, for prevention purposes. This is particularly relevant since the population of Ireland is getting older. North Dublin MABS recognises this and has been working with Age Friendly Ireland to assess how best to support an older client base. North Dublin MABS was awarded Age Friendly status in November 2021 with the awarding of certificates and recognition of the achievement shared by webinar on 25 November 2021. Interview + 
IELocalEuroWatchersEuroWatchersNational authorityMABS and Donegal VECA home budgeting programme developed by MABS with Donegal VEC (vocational education committee). Community education initiative then delivered through most VECs in the country.
IELocalPresentation in secodnary schoolsPresentation in secondary schoolsLocal authorityNorth Leinster CISThey are reaching out to schools every single year and offer to do a presentation for 5th and 6th grade, about young person’s rights and entitlements (bullying, harassment, employment, social issues, medical records etc.).Interview
ITRegionalSportello mobile del consumatoreMobile consumer information deskConsumer organisationCentro Tutela Consumatori e Utenti/Verbraucherzentrale Südtirol (CTCU/VZS)Camper going around the Bolzano Province and providing initial advice to consumers. It provides all the information material developed by the Center, including quality tests and product comparisons
ITRegionalSportello mobile del consumatoreMobile consumer information deskConsumer organisationCentro di Ricerca e Tutela dei Consumatori e degli Utenti (CRTCU)Camper going around the Trento Province, including small municipalities far from the main cities, and providing advice and information to consumers. In partnership with municipalities.
ITRegionalPunto informativo-didattico sul consumo (Info Consum)Information-didactic point on consumptionConsumer organisationCentro Tutela Consumatori e Utenti/Verbraucherzentrale Südtirol (CTCU/VZS)Collaboration with  schools and teachers to organize training sessions/conferences in schools; tailor made training on specific topics (e.g. savings, insurance, food, public services, energy saving, green building) depending on schools needs.  Initiative carried out in partnership with Berufsbildung Südtirol, Pädagogisches Institut für die deutsche Sprachgruppe, Istitut Pedagogich Ladin, Intendenza Scolastica Italiana
ITLocalL'accesso ai servizi bancari nelle aree interne The access to banking services in inland areasCompanyUniCredit (partner: Cittadinanzattiva)Creation of a network of facilitators (e.g. representatives of voluntary associations, general practitioners, pharmacists, parish priests) trained to provide information and first-level solutions to vulnerable citizens on the issues of digital tools payment and access to banking services, in areas where there are no physical bank branches. The advice is then actively brought to the communities by the facilitators, including through meetings and seminars  
ITRegionalConsumER NET – associazioni in rete per la tutela dei consumatoriConsumER NET –  associations in network for protecting consumersConsumer organisationU.Di.Con Emilia Romagna (main)
Partners: ACU Emilia Romagna, ASSOUTENTI Emilia Romagna, CODICI, UNC Emilia Romagna
Project carried out by consumer associations of the Emilia-Romagna region. Stated objectives and activities are very broad: general information on consumer rights, help in consumer choices, indebtment, sustainable consumption, support to facilitate accessibility to public services for young people and the disabled, support those in conditions of socio-economic fragility, etc. Carried out through surveys, printed material, realization of territorial initiatives, seminars, information desks, online classes, paper and digital leaflets, territorial seminars (including in schools)
ITRegionalSportelli itinerantiTraveling information desksConsumer organisationFederconsumatori, Adiconsum, Unione Nazionale Consumatori, Lega ConsumatoriProfessionals and lawyers going to public squares and markets in all the provinces of Veneto, during the summer months, to  respond to all type of consumer problems/issues
ITRegionalConsumatori in PiazzaConsumers in the squaresConsumer organisationAdiconsum, Movimento Consumatori (main).
Others: Adoc, Casa del Consumatore, Codacons, Federconsumatori, Lega Consumatori, Unione Nazionale Consumatori
Around 100 young people operating as informers, communicators or street artists in the major tourist resorts of Veneto, including  beaches, to inform citizens about consumer rights
ITRegionalTonno sostenibileSustainable tunaConsumer organisationFederconsumatori Sicilia Campaign conducted in partnership with the Department of the Sea of the YMCA Italia Foundation; Federconsumatori Sicilia's representatives going throughout the summer in various Sicilian squares and markets to sensibilise about sustainable tuna; distribution of a vademecum on the conscious consumption of tuna, and of a survey (also online) on the Sicilians' knowledge of tuna, its origin and the fishing methods used.
ITRegionalChiudiamo il cerchio!Let's close the cirlce!Consumer organisationA.Di.C Umbria, Federconsumatori UmbriaFocus on circular economy; involvement of students and teachers of Umbria schools; creation of an app,  Facebook page and  You Tube channel; workshops and educational activities 
ITRegionalTuteliAmo l'ambienteLet's protect the environmentConsumer organisationASSOCONFAM aps, Asso.Cons Italia
(in partnership with Regione Lazio)
The objective of the project is to foster consumer awareness on environmental sustainability, with focus on packaging and food waste. The project develops 4 activities: a photo contest; an online questionnaire to investigate consumers perception on the choice of packaging and its disposal; online webinars; info points in shopping centers and meeting places of the Lazio Region, to give information and raise awareness among citizens
ITRegional#tutelationline#protectedonline (or #protectyourselfonline)Consumer organisationA.E.C.I. APS Lazio, Assoconfam, Associazione Culturale Cento Giovani, CODICI LAZIO, Konsumer Italia (in partnership with Regione Lazio)Strengthening of consumer associations activities in the Lazio Region, both offline and online, with focus on online, in relation to pandemics situation (e.g. advice on online purchases, travel vouchers after flights cancellation, relationship with banks, car insurance). Advice through social media, newsletters and webinars; printed articles and leaflets
ITRegionalGiornata del consumatoreConsumer dayConsumer organisationKonsumerIn shopping centersInterview
LTRegionalVartotojų teisių apsaugos ypatumai, vartojimo ginčų sprendimai bei vartotojų teisės ir pareigos, sudarant turizmo paslaugų teikimo sutartisPeculiarities of consumer protection, consumer settlements and consumer rights and obligations in concluding tourism service contractsLocal authorityŠiauliai District MunicipalityŠiauliai District Municipality has been organising open sessions during which consumers were introduced to the peculiarities of consumer rights protection, consumer dispute resolution procedures and consumer rights and obligations when concluding contracts for the provision of tourism services.
LTRegionalDarnus požiūris į aplinką suaugusiųjų švietimeA sustainable approach to the environment in adult educationLocal authorityŠiauliai District MunicipalityŠiauliai District Municipality organised a project “A sustainable approach to the environment in adult education” which was aiming at developing the competencies of adult educators to teach adults the principles of sustainable development, focusing on sustainable consumption, mobility, a healthy lifestyle, active citizenship, physical and mental health and quality of life.
LTLocalKonsultacijų teikimas apie pastatų, butų ar kitų patalpų centralizuoto šildymo atjungimą vartotojų iniciatyva ir šildymo būdo keitimo galimybesAdvise on the disconnecting from district heating in buildings, apartments or other premises at the initiative of consumers and the possibility of changing the heating methodLocal authorityVilnius City MunicipalityVilnius City Municipality has been organising open consultations to the consumers regarding the advise on the disconnecting district heating in buildings, apartments or other premises and the possibility of changing the heating methods.
LTLocalKonsultacijų teikimas šilumos, karšto vandens tiekimo ir šilumos ūkio atnaujinimo klausimaisAdvise on heating, hot water supply and heat renewalLocal authorityKaunas City MunicipalityKaunas City Municipality has been organising open consultations to the consumers regarding the advise on the disconnecting district heating in buildings, apartments or other premises and the possibility of changing the heating methods.
LTLocalTvarus būstas kiekvienam KlaipėdiečiuiSustainable house for everyone in KlaipėdaOther civil society organisationŠiltnamis (Greenhouse)Siltnamis (Greenhouse) team aims to collect and publicize information on energy poverty in Klaipeda and thus involve citizens in finding effective solutions to this problem. The NGO organises the events in Klaipeda where they invite the participants to learn about the problem of energy poverty and how it is relevant to consumers in Klaipeda. During the events, discussions are held among local consumers regarding the benefits of renovations and the challenges faced by residents looking to renovate their homes. They are organising street stalls in different parts of the city talking to people about energy bills and asking for their stories of energy poverty. They also post leaflets throughout city's bus stops with a phone number included so that consumers could call them and tell their stories about living in energy poverty.
LURegionalConsumer DialogueConsumer DialogueNational authorityMinistery for Consumer ProetectionBetween mid-February and mid-March 2022, the MPC launched a survey to better understand consumer concerns.
LURegionalWoch von de SuenMoney WeekOther NGO / civil society organisationThe Luxembourg Bankers' OrganizationSince 2015, the ABBL and the Fondation ABBL pour L'éducation financière organise each year the money week. This event, supported by the Ministry of Education, is part of the European Money Week initiated by the European Banking Federation. The educational activity aims, through a board game, to make pupils aware of the importance of money in consumption, to enable them to manage a sum of money and to develop a critical mind before making a purchase decision. During this event, the ABBL teaches children of 10 to 12 years old in Luxembourg primary education schools. In a context of increasing incentive consumption, it is indeed essential to introduce financial education from a very young age in order to make young people aware of the need for careful and responsible consumption.
LVLocalRisinājumi enerģijas nabadzības novēršanaiSolutions for the Prevention of Energy Poverty (STEP) Consumer organisationLatvian National Association for Consumer ProtectionThe overall goal of the STEP project is to reduce consumer energy poverty by encouraging consumers to change their behavior and use cheaper energy efficiency solutions, as well as to provide reliable, practical advice. This initiative is local, communicated in the Jelgava municipality and makes a good example of a local initiative in the energy sector.
MTNationalBeSmartOnlineBeSmartOnlineNational authorityFoundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS)Through the project, over 8000 children from all schools across Malta and Gozo have taken part in lessons on Digital Citizenship and Digital Footprints. During these lessons, children explored how their online activity impacts their self-image as well as how their digital behaviour affected others. Aspects such as cyberbullying, privacy and being a respectful online citizen were discussed. Furthermore, over 2000 professionals have taken part in development sessions specifically addressing the issue of Internet Safety. A number of Information Days were also organised for families, with experts available on the day to address any questions or concerns parents or careers may have on the subject. At present, the MCCA, through the BeSmartOnline! project is also organising digital parenting sessions which are being held at various Local Councils across Malta and Gozo. In addition, the MCA recently launched a campaign “Live ICT” which was aimed at raising awareness amongst older generations about the true potential of ICT and to challenge the perception that computers and internet use are exclusively for the young or those in employment.
MTNationalAssistive Devices for Visually Impaired Centre (ADVICE)Assistive Devices for Visually Impaired Centre (ADVICE)Other NGO / civil society organisationADVICE Aim of this initiative is to improve ICT accessibility to visually impaired people. FITA provides ICT support to disabled persons registered with the National Commission Disabled Persons regarding queries related to e-government services and access to ICT, including assistive technology.  This service covers the needs of all impairment groups, including mobility, intellectual impairment, vision, hearing and mental health difficulties. FITA provides three types of ICT training services.  These are:
1) ICT Training for persons with a visual impairment.  This is an expansive one-to-one course designed and delivered directly by FITA, which covers the basics of using a computer and can progress to ECDL and specialised areas, depending on the users’ requirements.
2) ICT Training for persons with an intellectual or communication difficulty  These courses cover different levels and endorse either ECDL or Malta Qualifications Framework standards.  These courses are delivered in collaboration with the Education’s Life Long Learning Directorate, MCAST, the Ministry for Gozo and a number of business organisations.  The FITA Assistive ICT Pool is also linked to this service.  Courses are typically held in two sessions, between October and June of the following year.
3) One-to-One Mentoring services, which channel the help of volunteers to reach out to disabled individuals who’s mobility difficulties prevent them from accessing other forms of ICT training and support.
MTNationalWebinar: coping with loans and debtWebinar: coping with loans and debtConsumer organisationAssociation for Consumer Rights (ACR) and Malta Association of Credit Management (MACM)Joint webinar organized by ACR and MACM (Malta Association of Credit Management) on the topic of coping with loans and debt.
PLLocalECOnsumentEco ConsumerOther NGO / civil society organisationLex Cultura FoundationAs part of the project, Lex Cultura Foundation organized workshops on consumer and environmental awareness for the students of the Primary School in Osiek. During the meetings, students learned about who the consumer is, what his rights are and how their daily purchases and choices affect the state of the environment. Each participant received a diploma, in addition, a competition was organized for an ECO initiative promoting innovative ways of caring for the environment in everyday life. A clip was also created using materials provided by the participants. The culmination of the events was a meeting with a writer of fairy tales for children, dedicated to consumer and ecological issues.
PLRegionalWarszataty Edukacji PrawnejLegal Education WorkshopsOther NGO / civil society organisationLex Cultura FoundationThe project was addressed to consumers living in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship (seniors and youth). The implementation of the project consisted in organizing online educational meetings, the aim of which was to educate on current consumer problems and consumer rights. As part of the task, the organisers conducted: a) 5 open meetings for seniors; b) 75 meetings for young people. The online meetings were advertised on Facebook pages of Lex Cultura and also on Facebook pages of local institutions and organisations involved in organising them, e.g. local library in Lesznowola:  As part of the project, two educational brochures were created, available on Lex Cultura website in the "Publications" tab.
PLLocalCykl spotkań: Uczymy Młodych WrocławianSeries of meetings: We teach young residents of WrocławOther NGO / civil society organisationAquilaA series of meetings with students from Wrocław schools, during which  the organizers told young people about the most important aspects related to consumer rights.  The activities were carried out at schools during regular school days. They were  part of the task called 'Educational sessions introducing to consumer issues for children and youth from Wrocław educational institutions – Conscious Consumer – sessions for Wrocław students', financed by the Wrocław Municipality.
PLRegionalProjekt: Mama Prawa i nie Zawaham się ich UżyćProject: I have rights and I will not hesitate to use themOther NGO / civil society organisationAquila34 webinars were conducted for students and seniors from the Masovian Voivodeship. A short guide on consumer law was also prepared, which was sent to schools and senior organizations. The guide is available on the website:
The guide was reissued three times, the last edition: August 2021
PLRegionalWspółpraca Powiatowego Rzecznika Konsumentów w Stalowej Woli z parafiami rzymsko-katolickimi w powiecie stalowowolskimCooperation of the District Consumer Ombudsman in Stalowa Wola with Roman Catholic parishes in the Stalowa Wola district.Local authorityDistrict Consumer Ombudsman in Stalowa WolaIn order to reach as many people as possible, especially seniors, the District Consumer Ombudsman in Stalowa Wola established contact with 26 parish priests from Roman Catholic parishes in the Stalowa Wola district to disseminate information about the project of free legal assistance in consumer cases. The information was read in churches after masses, and also included on the information boards of churches.Annual reports of consumer ombudsmen from 2018
PLNationalOchrona Praw Konsumentów z Niepełnosprawnością SłuchuProtection of the Rights of Consumers with Hearing DisabilitiesOther (please explain in the description)Polski Związek Głuchych / Polish Association of the DeafThe aim of the project is primarily to protect consumers with hearing disabilities against unfair market practices in the sale of financial products, through the implementation of preventive actions. The aim is also to reduce communication barriers for deaf people, increase their knowledge about consumer rights, financial issues (such as: investment policies, loan in foreign currency and corporate bonds), threats and increase the knowledge of employees of financial institutions involved in the sale of financial services.
The result of the project is to increase the awareness of people with hearing disabilities about the consumer rights protection system and increase their knowledge in the field of financial issues, as well as the development and dissemination of information materials.
Main activities in the project:
1. creation of 3 instructional videos for people with hearing disabilities, presenting in a clear and understandable way the issues in the field of sales of financial products – investment policies, loans in foreign currency and corporate bonds
2. creation of 2 instructional videos for bank employees about the principles and needs in the field of servicing people with hearing disabilities in banks
3. conducting workshops on issues related to financial products – two workshops in each voivodeship
4. production of information materials.                                                           Polish Association of the Deaf has 20,000 members across the country. These are people with hearing disabilities who were the recipients of this initiative. The Association has its local branches throughout the country (16 voivodeship branches) with which the management of the association is constantly in touch. Members attend various activities and meetings at the local branches of the association in person, they also have contact with them online. Information about the initiative was provided to all branches. These were e-mail and paper information (poster and leaflets). All members directly received information about the initiative by e-mail, as well as a short video giving them details about the initiative and encouraging them to take part in the workshops.
PLNationalCoroczna współpraca Urzędu Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumenta (UOKiK) z Zakładem Ubezpieczeń Społecznych z okazji Dnia Seniora Annual cooperation of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) on the occasion of the Senior's Day National authorityThe Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)Every year, on the Senior's Day (autumn), both institutions publish consumer information in the 'ZUS for Seniors' magazine. The distribution of the magazine takes place at the local level throughout the country. Municipal and district consumer ombudsmen are also involved in the celebration of this day in their regions.
PLNationalPortal authorityThe Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)The portal is an interactive educational tool – a simulator of a social networking site, where the user can experience 10 real threats encountered on the web, BLIK code fraud, identity theft, alternative investments, a financial pyramid system or shopping fraud. The layout of the website, its content, mechanisms and interactions are very similar to those found on social networks. Thanks to that, the consumer can see what tricks are used by fraudsters or dishonest sellers, go through the entire purchase procedure and learn the consequences of his actions. Each trap situation ends with a summary: a video and advice on what and how to check before using the offer and information on where to go for help. contains a special menu for teachers and educators "Materials for educators". There are buttons that run a given simulation and 10 lesson plans with the most important information related to the subject of a given simulation. Therefore the tool is used also at schools. The platform has been repeatedly promoted at various events for teachers such as celebration the teacher's day, at conferences, etc. UOKiK has established cooperation with the local boards of education (kuratoria) in this area and the teachers' community in Poland. It was also presented to young people, on the occasion of organized activities (e.g. sport’s day at schools), but these were isolated situations.
PLLocalTygodniowe dyżury w dzielnicach Rzecznika Konsumentów w KrakowieField work of the consumer ombudsman in Krakow (weekly duties in specific districts of the town)Local authorityThe consumer ombudsman in Krakow (employed by the local government) The consumer ombudsman in Krakow is on duty each week in a different district of the town to better reach local consumers. He meets with the consumers in the seats of the District Councils of the City of Krakow. Duty hours and information about this service are announced in the area of individual districts.
PLLocalKampania informacyjna pod hasłem „Miejski Rzecznik Konsumentów przypomina – Masz prawo” realizowana przez rzeczniczkę konsumentów w WarszawieInformation campaign "Municipal Consumer Ombudsman reminds – You have the right" carried out by the consumer ombudswoman in Warsaw.Local authorityThe consumer ombudswoman in Warsaw (employed by the local government) In 2016-2018 Warsaw actively invested in the promotion of the local ombudsman's office. An information campaign called "The Municipal Consumer Ombudsman reminds – You have the right" was carried out using various formats and outlets. It used media, billboards and screens in public transport and in district offices. In clinics, hospitals and sports centers leaflets for residents were distributed. On Saturdays, in the largest shopping centers in Warsaw, there were consultation points operated by a team of the ombudswoman.
PLLocalKonsument na granicyConsumer at the BorderConsumer organisationEuropean Consumer CentreThe events 'Consumer at the border' were organized to educate residents of two border cities about their consumer rights and to provide information on the free assistance they can receive from the European Consumer Centres network (ECC-Net).
The experience of the European Consumer Centre in Poland (ECC) shows that residents of border towns often conclude contracts with companies from neighboring countries. Entrepreneurs deciding to expand their activities, advertise in neighboring countries, thanks to which consumers have easy access to foreign goods and services.
The European Consumer Centre in Poland, which belongs to the ECC-Net network, helps consumers solve their problems free of charge in  a situation where they encounter problems in dealing with sellers from abroad.
In Cieszyn and Słubice, ECC organized its stands on the occasion of local popular festivals (the Three Brothers Festival in Cieszyn and the Hanseatic Day in Słubice) to establish direct contact with residents and provide them with consumer advice on cross-border transactions, as well as to inform them about ECC services. The target group was mainly the elderly and young people, but also the rest of the age groups. Information about the ECC's stand was included in the materials promoting both festivals, but there was no separate promotion of this initiative.
PTNationalSERVIÇOS PÚBLICOS ESSENCIAIS – Mantenha-se Informado. Conheça os seus DireitosESSENTIAL PUBLIC SERVICES – Stay Informed. Know your rightsConsumer organisationUnião Geral dos Consumidores (UGC)This project aimed to fill the information deficit of consumers regarding their rights and duties in terms of public services, having dedicated special attention to particularly vulnerable audiences such as the blind, deaf and dumb, who are often on the sidelines of information and awareness initiatives that have been developed in these matters.
The following activities have been developed:
• Support to consumers regarding their rights in general, and especially as users of Essential Public Services, through information and legal and economic advice;
• Creation of a universal access database on the UGC website , containing legislation and relevant information on Essential Public Services – consumer rights, billing, complaints and dispute resolution mechanisms, social tariffs, contractual aspects, etc.
• Creation of a facebook page with a view to reaching a wider set of consumers;
• Preparation of a bimonthly newsletter , in electronic format, on the protection of consumer rights and, in particular, on public services, with the objective of informing the main developments on these matters;
• Preparation of leaflets on consumer rights in terms of essential public services. Its dissemination will be ensured not only by its distribution on paper, but also on the UGC and UGT websites .
• Edition of a leaflet in “Braille” (3000 copies) in order to benefit a group of especially vulnerable citizens. Its dissemination will have the participation of representative associations of these citizens.
• Production of a video on issues of consumer rights and protection in terms of essential public services, with interpretation in sign language, which will make it possible to cover a very expressive group of deaf and dumb citizens.
UGC - União Geral de Consumidores
PTNationalConsumidor online - Aproveite as vantagens. Saiba como se ProtegerOnline consumer - Take advantage. Find out how to protect yourselfConsumer organisationUnião Geral dos Consumidores (UGC)This project gave special relevance to issues relating to online consumers, in particular weaknesses that have been identified and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. It included the following activities:
• Workshops in various municipalities as part of the project supported by the Consumer Fund and called “ON-LINE CONSUMER. ENJOY THE ADVANTAGES. KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF”. These workshops were aimed at vulnerable consumers, including senior citizens, and included a presentation and a practical and interactive part. It was intended to contribute to combating misinformation and filling information weaknesses and vulnerabilities of online consumers , thus overcoming some market barriers and contributing to a more efficient and effective functioning of online consumption.
• Support to consumers on their rights in general, namely in matters related to consumption in a digital world (electronic commerce , electronic communications, etc.), through information and legal and economic advice;
• Development of an information base on the UGC website, with universal access, containing legislation and relevant information on digital commerce – consumer rights, complaints and dispute resolution mechanisms, right of regret, contractual aspects, etc.;
• Maintenance of the Facebook page - UGC, giving special attention and priority to themes related to the project, with a view to reaching a wider group of consumers;
• Maintenance of the UGC's bimonthly newsletter, in electronic format, on the protection of consumer rights and, in particular, on matters relating to this application;
• Production of a leaflets on electronic commerce/communications with information for consumers about the advantages of the internet, dangers of the internet – most common frauds and schemes, advice to protect your computer and make safe use of the internet and also how to resolve disputes
PTNationalGerir, Poupar, Investir com Segurança. Saiba comoManage, Save, Invest safely. Know howConsumer organisationUnião Geral dos Consumidores (UGC)The project was aimed at vulnerable consumers, which include senior citizens, and included a presentation and a practical and interactive training part. The project had the following objectives;
1. Managing money: the aim of this project is to provide consumers with the basic skills to manage money, in particular how to prepare a budget, responsible purchases and save on a daily basis .
2. Saving and investing: the aim is to help understand how financial products work on the market, investments and the associated risks.
3. Credit: provide basic concepts and warn about care when using credit, with emphasis on excessive indebtedness.
4. Warnings: raising awareness of dangers and how to avoid problems – safety in financial services and advertising for financial services.

The following activities where developed;
• Support to consumers regarding their rights in general, namely in matters related to the contracting of financial products, minimum banking services, recourse to credit, prevention of over-indebtedness, etc., through information and legal and economic advice;
• Development of an information base on the UGC website, with universal access, containing legislation and relevant information on financial products – consumer rights, complaints and dispute resolution mechanisms, contractual aspects, advertising, etc.;
• Maintenance of the Facebook page - UGC, giving special attention and priority to themes related to the project, with a view to reaching a wider group of consumers;
• Maintenance of the UGC's bimonthly newsletter , in electronic format, on the protection of consumer rights and, in particular, on matters relating to this application;
• Brochure with a collection of terms commonly used in the financial area and their explanation in clear and objective language that is easy to understand by of the common citizen and, another Chapter where a description was made, although not exhaustive, of the various most common and available financial products on the market and their respective characteristics
• Workshops/training sessions: aimed at deepening the knowledge and information of consumers, particularly the most vulnerable - young and old - around some topics that are especially relevant in the context of financial products
PTNationalPessoas com Deficiência. Igualdade de Direitos. As mesmas OportunidadesDisabled people. Equal rights. Same OpportunitiesConsumer organisationUnião Geral dos Consumidores (UGC)The project aimed in informing associations, disabled people, general public and employers, on the rights with people with disabilities. The following objectives where intended to be achieved:
1) provide relevant information both for these citizens and for their families, on a set of existing responses, identified in various areas of life, such as employment, accessibility, housing, use of credit, income subsidy, social tariffs and extraordinary support, among other topics, which are undoubtedly important to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities and other responses promoting active citizenship and the defense of fundamental rights.
2)This perspective of an approach centered on human rights and respect for the autonomy and independence of people with disabilities needs to be known, applied and developed by all professionals involved in the provision of public or private services or as simple citizens of a democratic society that respects human diversity and guarantees equal opportunities for all citizens and will contribute to a better quality of life for people with physical disabilities and their families.

The following material and activities have been developed:
1) Newsletters in electronic format that aimed to disseminate relevant information (Facebook and official website)
2) Brochures comprising the Rights of the Disabled Citizen in relation to Health, Tax Exemptions and Social Benefits, Housing, Essential Public Services, Education, Training and Employment, Accessibility and Transport & Chapter where the vast legislation on the matter was listed and which is dispersed by various diplomas and respective amendments.
3) A National Conference held on October 19 2018 that aimed in deepening the knowledge and information of consumers, particularly the most vulnerable - people with disabilities - around issues that are especially relevant in the context of their rights in various areas of life, with the aim of providing consumers with the necessary knowledge to be able, in an informed way, to exercise their rights and access the support they can benefit from. it was decided to hire a Sign Language Interpretation service, which accompanied the entire Conference and the debate, ensuring interaction between all speakers and participants.
PTNationaln/an/aConsumer organisationDireção Geral do ConsumidorAs a public entity their role is to coordinate and support local entities that support consumer rights. One of the biggest initiatives that has been developed since the 1980's is the establishment of Consumer Information Centers in local municipalities (in Portuguese-CIACs). Until today they have close to 80 centres and the activities/services developed by them for free. Their goal is to support consumers with questions or issues (from very technical to simple actions such as reading contracts), as well as mediate conflicts. However, one of the biggest issues is the big disparity that exist among the different municipalities, from resources to needs, activities or even skills to support local consumers. Some are very pro-active and organize conferences and seminars, go to schools or even collaborate with local police officers, by giving them training on consumer rights (as means to then support locals when they come with questions). The missions of the DG is to also support local staff and provide training in order to keep them up-to-date to current legislation, rules and practices.
Examples created to support better consumers:
a) Sharing of services and cooperation between different centres, in order to assist better consumers locally
b) Integration of consumer dispute services with arbitration centers
c) Cooperation of private and public entities that guarantee better support on consumer right related issues
PTLocaln/an/aConsumer organisationCIAC de TomarTomar has a local consumer representation since 1999. The initiative came in light of the national legilstaion that establishes the right of each municipality to have a consumer representation. Although it is stipulated in the civil code, not every municipality has one, due to its budget, interest or understanding of the relevance of having a local consumer organisation. Some initiatives have been developed in the past, however, they are not campaign with a long-term vision. Instead they are mostly "spontaneous" and in light of current national or international initiatives (for instance, the Portuguese DG for Consumer Rights started a campaign about cybersecurity, most likely local municipalities will also start to talk about it and do some events on the topic).n.a
RONationalProgramul National de Protectie a Consumatorilor impotriva Produselor si Serviciilor ContrafacuteTHE ANTICOUNTERFEITING NATIONAL PROGRAMConsumer organisationAsociația InfoCons - Organizație pentru protecția ConsumatorilorThe National AntiCounterfeiting Program is a nongovernmental, private, non-lucrative, with distinct and indivisible patrimony, independent and based on democratic principles association. They inform about the Counterfeiting products which involves one of the next actions:
•  Fraudulent imitation with the purpose of misleading the beneficiary
•  Resemblance to the original product
•  Identical or casi-identical reproduction of a registered brand for identical or similar products
• Manufacturing of the label, wraps, containing reproductions of the brand or taking advantage of the good name of a notorious brand
Reach out to consumers using a group of investigators and delegates in the territory (Observatory Inspectors  Presentation of the Body of Observatory Inspectors, Code of the Observatory Inspector), throughout the country, to report cases of counterfeiting and communicate them to headquarters in Bucharest, where they will be centralized;
- Periodic reports on the presentation on the market of counterfeit and original products: location, market segments, interest for buyers;
- Gathering information, data, images regarding the counterfeit products sold as well as the company that offers them for sale;
- Making contact at local level with local authorities that act against the phenomenon of counterfeiting (police, Financial Guard, County Offices for Consumer Protection, customs, Office for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering, etc.).
This initiative will be promoted through its own means and through other Institutions, on the basis of agreements concluded with them. (ex: The Romanian Institute for Education and European Quality – IRECE; Eurosign - The Association for The Unite Europe etc.)
They provide support to national level initiatives and authorities by creating a network of information exchange.
RONationalProgramul pentru transparenta informatieiThe program on the Transparency of InformationConsumer organisationAsociația InfoCons - Organizație pentru protecția ConsumatorilorThe National Association for Consumer Protection, the only organization in Romania with full rights in Consumers International, is a non-governmental, apolitical, representative, private, non-profit consumer association with distinct and indivisible patrimony, independent, based on democratic principles, which defends consumer rights - founding member of the Federation of Consumer Associations. They scan the bar code of the product and offer information about: numbers of additives; ingredients; Collection Centres where you can recycle the packaging of the product; calculate amount of salt, sugar and calories; warnings about this product (ex. allergens), through an application “InfoCons”.
This initiative advertised by means of web pages and media interviews.
They create a database of information regarding the products sold by economic agents.
ROLocalChestionarul sanatatiiHealth questionnaireOther NGO / civil society organisationAsociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor BotosaniQuestionnaire for insured persons through the social health insurance system through local press release. Weekly press conferences followed, each, by 4-5 appearances in local newspapers and on TV radio, interventions at local, central and European forums.
Approx. 10 free consultations per week, joint actions with other local NGOs in the country and abroad, database organized by domains, 10 own programs, own site and Consumer Opinion, the first electronic publication in the field
ROLocalConsiliu județean Botoșani pentru protecția consumatorilorBotosani County Council for Consumer ProtectionOther NGO / civil society organisationAsociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor BotosaniApproaching consumers in malls or in the streets. Topics vary since are needs discovered by our partners (e.g., institutions with various control responsibilities within the county: Sanitary Veterinary Directorate, Public Health Directorate, Police, Customs, etc.)
Weekly press conferences followed, each, by 4-5 appearances in local newspapers and on TV radio, interventions at local, central and European forums.
This is an example of collaboration between several local and regional authorities that benefit consumers. At the same time they learn from each other and discover the most relevant issues that are of importance for consumers. To a certain extent, it is a national initiative to create local counsels that involve local stakeholders and exchange good practices related to the needs of consumers in that region, best strategies to engage consumers, etc.
ROLocalProcesul etichetelorThe Label ProcessingOther NGO / civil society organisationAsociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor BotosaniInformation sessions in schools about how to analyse the labels on the products, specifically for young Consumers. It’s going directly to young consumers and give them necessary knowledge to protect themselves when buying any product.
ROLocalGhid Local GoogleLocal Google GuideOther NGO / civil society organisationAsociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor BotosaniThey develop at local level the project initiated by Google by creating a local guide which help in choosing different products and services. Even though they do not target a specific category of consumers, they develop an informational dataset about the products of Botosani, thus targeting local consumers.,6.137294,4z/data=!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1
ROLocalVoluntariatul la putereVolunteering in powerOther NGO / civil society organisationAsociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor BotosaniApprox. 10 free consultations per week, joint actions with other local NGOs in the country and abroad, database organized by domains, 10 own programs, own site and Consumer Opinion, the first electronic publication in the field. Series of subprojects developed: Fair contract II; RTV Action (defend interest in radio TV broadcast); Consumer database ( consumer information that includes legislation, press releases, opinions, structured on various areas of interest including: advertising, administration, insurance, banking, trade electronics, communications, taxation, maintenance, labor law, environment, resources, health, economic security, food security, radio and TV tax, tourism); Misleading advertising (the practices of advertisers and ad producers to mislead consumers by designing and distributing false advertising material); Partnership for health (patients relevant info); Interventions (quality of response from producers, service providers, local and central government bodies, legislative forums, European forums); Consumer opinion and site (legislation portal); Consumer Strike and "Buy Nothing" Day (excessive prices for products and services).
They target consumers in radio TV broadcasts; contracting parties; advertising, administration, insurance, banking, trade electronics, communications, taxation, maintenance, labor law, environment, resources, health, economic security, food security, radio and TV tax, tourism.
During the years of activity, APC Botoşani has created a consistent database for consumer information that includes legislation, press releases, opinions, structured on various areas of interest including: advertising, administration, insurance, banking, trade electronics, communications, taxation, maintenance, labor law, environment, resources, health, economic security, food security, local radio and TV tax, tourism. The most important data were brought to the attention of the public through press conferences, immediately after the report and then were stored for consultation by citizens, through the free consultation system offered at the headquarters and through the telephone numbers of CPA members;
- meetings of MSF with representatives of civil society took place, during which APC Botoşani, in cooperation with APC Romania, the other represented consumer organization;
- electronic newspaper sent buy e-mail with free subscription.
How is the initiative advertised? Weekly press conferences followed, each, by 4-5 appearances in local newspapers and on TV radio, interventions at local, central and European forums.
RONationalPropunere alternativa la politicile publice initiate de Guvern in domeniului protectiei consumatorilorAlternative proposal to public policies initiated by the Government in the field of consumer protectionOther NGO / civil society organisationFundatia Orizonturi Tinere,They provide support to initiatives at local level by training NGO in creating and promoting public policy proposals. In particular, they are informed about the public procedure to register an initiative, they create a network that can be used for future collaboration, improve the knowledge about consumer protection and main issues of the consumers. For instance:
-Asociatia Prop. 131-Valea Cetatii, Brasov – protection of the consumers that purchase houses;
- Fundatia Orizonturi Tinere-FOT – Craiova – information about the contract concluded between national authority and main service providers;
- Asociatia Protectiei Consumatorilor Vranceni Miorita – Focsani – Equality between consumers;
- Liga Habitat-Jud.Prahova, - Ploiesti - Alternative proposal (amendment) to the policies of the Romanian Government regarding the organization and arrangement of playgrounds, leisure in the residential areas of residential neighborhoods. Topics covered: the returning policy of the products bought through electronic means “e-commerce” (online and by telephone).
They instruct NGO which in turn create trainings, guides for consumers, including specific groups such as pensioners, students.
Through agreements with National Authority of the protection of Consumers and trainings with 84 representatives of NGO.
ROLocalTineri consumatori, protejaţi-vă sănătatea!Young consumers, protect your health!Other NGO / civil society organisationAsociaţia de consumatori Protect&Justice – Piatra NeamţTarget a particular group of consumers at local level (young) by directly approaching them in streets and through media, to inform them about general consumer safety. Reach out directly (streets) and through communication network. Advertised throught leaflets, two or three public meetings, and TV shows.
ROLocalCu antenele GSM cum rămâne?What about GSM antennas?Other NGO / civil society organisationFederația Județeană pentru protecția Consumatorilor "MILCOVIA" VranceaInformation campaign about the potential danger of GSM antennas through web communicates.
RONationalZiua mondiala a drepturilor
International consumer rights dayNational authorityAutoritatea Națională pentru Protecția ConsumatorilorProviding useful information about the consumer’s safety and rights. They actively reach consumers in commercial centres and educational units to bring them the advice, but this is a national initiative that do not support local initiatives. Reach out to consumers through the commercial centres and educational units, and by organising press conferences. Advertised also on online search engine and on the website of National Authority for the consumer protection and press communications.
SELocalUppsökande verksamhet på gymnasieskolorOutreach activities in upper secondary schoolsLocal authorityRINKEBY-KISTA STADSDELSFÖRVALTNING, MEDBORGARKONTORThe local municipality has a very high degree of migrant population from middle east and northern Africa. It may be a challenge to reach out and inform immigrants that there is a consumer advice service available in the municipality. By reaching out to upper secondary school students (high school) students, who knows Swedish language well, who are curious and very willing to help out their families, they create "ambassadors" who naturally will inform their families. Thus the awareness of the consumer advise support option is raised, which leads to a higher degree of contact when a need for consumer advise shows up. This is a way to reach out that from time to time is employed by the consumer guidance counselors and what makes it good is that it effectively reaches out to those who otherwise would be difficult to reach out to.  Sometimes, they go to schools and this interaction happens two-ways. Either from the initiative of the school or from the local council. These events are mostly one day only, open to the public and interactive, trying to clarify some common questions or issues regarding consumer rights. Examples: Electronic Commerce and Cybersecurity & Consumer Protection- new paradigms.
SELocalBudbärareprojektetThe messenger projectLocal authorityEskilstuna kommunInviting, briefing and collaborating with messengers or intermediaries to reach out to groups that otherwise would be hard to reach. For example: Teachers in Swedish for migrants and support persons for (cognitive) disabled and other persons with need for support.NIL
SELocalMediaMedia contactLocal authorityEskilstuna kommunCollaboration with local and regional media. When a consumer dispute that is not isolated shows up, the media covers the story and leave room for the Consumer advisors to market themselves and their activity. For example: In one media contact, the consumer adviser Christine Fransholm, gave advise on how to mindfully shop during Black Friday and how to handle the numerous offers for sale that precedes this occasion (referred to video in the link 2). 
SELocalStudentfestHigh School exam partiesLocal authorityEskilstuna kommunConsumer advisors reach out to high schools students one year ahead of their exams, to inform them about consumer rights relative various contractual situations relevant for exam parties. This creates interest in the students as it is something tangible and relevant, like for example hiring party tents, trucks, etc that is traditionally part of such celebrations. The parties pass but the consumer knowledge remains. A related approach is to use regional media, for example when students traditional travel were cancelled without repayment because of pandemic measures, the consumer adviser reached out through regional tv news (link).
SELocalJoint advisory actionGemensam rådgivningLocal authorityKarlskoga kommunConsumer advisors in the different fields of energy advise, debt handling and consumption (general) together make proactive projects with synergy effects.NIL
SELocalUngdomarYouthLocal authorityKungsbacka kommunKungsbacka municipality employed for summer work two young persons, age 17 and 18, for finding out how to reach out to other in age 16-25 in same municipality. The questions were: How do we reach this group? What do they want to know? What methods to use and how? The results showed that few in the group were aware of the municipal consumer advisory service and that Instagram, Snapchat and short videos was the preferred way to communicate, not lectures or courses.
SELocalMediakontaktMedia contactLocal authorityGöteborgs stadCooperation with local media (radio broadcasting, two electronic newspapers) to have a "Q&A" article about a relevant topic of consumer rights.
SELocalFrågor och svarQuestion and AnswersLocal authorityTierp kommun A site with Q&A surrounding the most frequent consumer issues, like buying a car, buying craft services and e-trade, travels, etc. On the site there is also contact information (telephone and e-mail) to follow up for individual advise.
SKRegional5peňazí5moneyNational authorityNational Bank of SlovakiaAn initiative on financial literacy for pupils and students, including in a form of fairy tales (stories, targeted to audience). The topics cover, inter alia, income, credits, saving money, purchasing a real estate etc. The closest topic to consumer issues covers advice on temperance when buying goods ("Think twice, before you buy something"). Local dimension: Available online, thus country-wide, but also possible within the National Bank's regional centres.
SKNationalSpotrebiteľský špeciálConsumer bulletinConsumer organisationFÉNIX AssociationAn electronic bulletin distributed to the subscribed municipal authorities and organizations on a two months basis, which can subsequently share and spread consumer related information to local consumers.
SKLocalSpotrebiteľ a hodnotová gramotnosťConsumer and value literacyConsumer organisationFÉNIX AssociationThe initiative is essentially an educational program for field social workers of the Implementing agency of the Ministry of labour, social affairs and family of the Slovak Republic; the field social workers subsequently make use the acquired knowledge in their work, in particular, in directing consumers towards places where they may obtain assistance in consumer protection issues.
The goal of involving social workers, is to share relevant information with local consumers more efficiently
SKNationalN/AN/A [No specific name of the initiative]Other NGO / civil society organisationUnion of the blind and visually impaired of SlovakiaSharing / reposting of information from associations providing field specific consumer advice, whereby original information is supplemented by a 'translation' for blind and visually impaired.  Although National, available online, thus, capable of reaching out consumers on the local level.
SKNationalTvoríme učebné zdroje pre spotrebiteľské vzdelávanieWe create teaching resources for consumer educationConsumer organisationAssociation of Slovak Consumer Entities (A3S)Consumer education programs for grammar schools teachers, high school teachers and pedagogical facults of universities (i.e. for prospective teachers at grammar and high schools) aimed at developing consumer behavior among pupils and students. For instance, curriculum for consumer protection issues, model lessons etc. Although National, the end users are from the local level (teachers and subsequently pupils / students)
Originality: Targeted audience (teachers and students of pedagogical facults of universities), targeted content and forms of the initiative (e.g. curriculum for consumer protection issues, model lessons).
SKNationalSpotrebiteľská výchova žiakov 2022Consumer education of students 2022Consumer organisationAssociation of Slovak Consumer Entities (A3S)A competition for schools. Creating a magazine as a joint work of students who process individual articles in a creative way in order to create an interesting and attractive magazine. It is important to deal with the main topic, which should reflect everyday life, happy or sad stories of consumers, and not encyclopedic scientific information. Although a national initiative, the end users are from the local level (pupils / students).
Originality: Form of a competition, within which a magazine concerning consumer related topics is to be developed (for students this activity means 'learning by doing')
SKRegionalDlžník a...Debtor and...Consumer organisationFÉNIX AssociationThe initiative is planned from January to December 2022, whereby every month an article on the protection of financial consumers' rights will be published in regional printed media. Local dimension: Regional (see the regions listed in column F).N/A [does not exist; articles are published in the print media]

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