Social media share buttons

Widgets provided by social networks such as Facebook ('Like' button) or Youtube should not be directly embedded on Europa websites. They compromise business continuity and the privacy of Europa users.

You can offer your visitors to “share” a page with a selection of networks by implementing the corporate Webtools Social Bookmarks widget which is cookie-free. See the “Share button” wizard here or read the documentation.

Videos from 3rd party networks

Embedding videos from 3rd parties such as Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion will create 3rd party cookies. For that reason, it requires explicit prior consent from your visitor. Videos from such 3rd party networks must be embedded using the Cookie Consent Kit (CCK) which requests your visitor to consent to cookies before the video can be played. See here for CCK documentation.

For more information, read the guidelines on the use of third-party tools and services on Europa websites.

Social media links

Link to your social media pages using plain text links. You may add the social media official icon to the text link but you must ensure the image fully complies with the legal requirements of the branding or registered trademark. For more information, read the legal guidelines for the relevant social media brand (FacebookTwitter, InstagramYouTube, etc.)

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