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If a business need cannot be addressed by any of the corporate tools and services then a justified request to approve a tool or service may be submitted. See below.

Third party tools

Third-party tools and services

Third-party tools tools and services are

Risks of using third-party tools and services

Europa Webtools 

To avoid the risks related to the use of third-party tools and services, DG Communication offers in-house maintained corporate solutions, often based on verified and approved third-party tools, which can be integrated into any CMS technology.

Europa Webtools are based on the following principles:

See (EU login required) for a full overview and implementation details.

Requesting an improvement to Europa Webtools

Requests for improvements to a tool or service that is part of the Europa Webtools offer can be sent by email to Comm Europa Management. After assessment, your Europa account manager or the corresponding product owner will contact you.

Requesting the approval of a 3rd-party tool

In exceptional cases, when a duly justified business need cannot be fulfilled by corporate solutions or approved 3rd-party tools, DG Communication will start a procedure that:

Data protection

Any personal data that is processed as part of any task relating to the development of the European Commission's web presence must be done so in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018.

See data protection for more info.

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