Date ranges

Separate dates with either prepositions or dashes but don't mix them.

For date ranges where you indicate the year only, use a short dash with no spaces.

If the years are in the same century, don't repeat the century.

For date ranges where you indicate more than just the year, use a short dash with a space on either side of the dash.



In most cases don't write numbers out, use numerals (1, 2, 3) which are easier to read onscreen.

However, avoid 2 numerals next to each other: 8 one‑day sessions, not 8 1-day sessions.


 Use points, not commas, to indicate a decimal point


Use commas, not points or spaces, to separate groups of thousands

Exception: In tables, separate groups of thousands by a hard space

No. of officials employed by DG X

2 350

 IT expenditures, DG Y

 1 234 567


Avoid using fractions. Decimals are easier to read and understand onscreen.

Numbers greater than 1 million

For readability, use the words million, billion and trillion rather than a series of 000's

Billion means a thousand million (not a million million) Trillion means a million million.

In general do not abbreviate million and billion. However to avoid excessive repetition (for example in tables) they can be abbreviated to 'm' and 'bn' respectively. Use a space after the digits.


Deficit (€)

Country A

10 m

Country B

15 bn

Recommendations for rounding large numbers

• if we don't need the highest level of accuracy, we can use rounding e.g. €60 million dedicated to language training for migrants, not €60,250,005 dedicated…

• use only the number of digits that are necessary and make sense for clear communication

• a disclaimer should be added, when applicable, at the beginning or end of the publication describing the rounding policy and the reasons for possible inconsistencies - e.g. Figures have been rounded to one decimal place for the sake of brevity

Telephone numbers

Write the full number including the international code. Use + instead of 00. Separate the regional prefix from the main number.

If the number does not send the caller to a specific department within the Commission, add Commission switchboard in brackets.


+32 2 299 11 11 (Commission switchboard)


Do not use spaces between symbols and figures.

Avoid using the ampersand (&) - use 'and' instead.

Use the following symbols

Do not use a space between the numbers and the symbol.

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact:

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