The design rules have been defined with 3 objectives in mind:

For more information about the definition, governance and rules related to these sites, please read this guide’s section about EC branded websites.

The design rules are based on the 3 types of EC branded websites:

  1. Core website: hosts general information shared by many different websites or departments. It serves as hubs for onward navigation to further thematic or specific content.
  2. Standardised websites: are separate technical instances that host thematic content detailing, for example, policies for which the owner DG/Agency is responsible. DGs and executive agencies must use the Europa Web Publishing Platform (EWPP) to build a standardised website.
  3. Harmonised websites: host specific content that answers a particular communication purpose including, for example, campaigns and web information systems such as databases.


All EC-branded websites must follow the Europa Web Guide's rules and guidelines, specifically: