Class description

The Research and innovation class content on the European Commission website site covers:

The class links, among others, to project databases such as CORDIS and the LIFE programme project database; EUR-lex; the European Intellectual Rights Helpdesk; the European Patent Office; the Joint Research Centre; the European Innovation Council. 

The class indicated in the header or footer of a Commission website links to its landing page. For example: Research and innovation.

Original research

As with other classes, the Research and innovation class architecture is based on research and analysis of top tasks, user needs, 
organisational goals and analytics.

The top tasks and organisational goals are listed below. 

List of tasks included in this class 

2Research and innovation5.2%Top


Organisational goals 

Read more on Process to define the 15 classes: original research

Top task identification poll for the class “Research and Innovation”

Factsheet - Research and Innovation user survey

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