Class description

User research revealed that the top user task for the EU regional and urban development class is access to funding opportunities. Users were also interested in information on urban and regional development topics, together with details of investment and development and information on how they work; strategy and policy; budget transparency; details of projects and the result or impact. 

The class indicated in the header or footer of a Commission website links to its landing page. For example: EU regional and urban development.

Original research

As with other classes, the EU regional and urban development class architecture is based on research and analysis of top tasks, user needs, organisational goals and analytics.

The top task and organisational goals are listed below. 

Note that the original class name "EU Regional and Urban Investment" has been modified since the architecture building exercise.

List of tasks included in this class 

18Regional, rural and urban development1,6%Medium


Organisational goals:

Read more on Process to define the 15 classes: original research

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