'AsIs' content inventory - identifying content to be transformed

The 'AsIs' content inventory contains all URLs and PDFs on your website including:

Optionally you can also include columns with 

In the column 'ToBe breadcrumb' you can see where this content will feature in the new architecture. It is possible to add more than one breadcrumb when the content will be the source for more than one page (and potentially in more than one class).

Once the content has been transformed and is published, the breadcrumb can be replaced with the URL(s) of the new website. This can help in case you get requests about where the content can be found after its transformation.

'ToBe' architecture - showing new architecture and identifying source URLs

The sheet shows you the

Furthermore, the green section 'Implementation' will help you with the actual transformation of the content and keep track of its progress.

Transforming a page with the 2 content inventories

  1. Open the 'to be' architecture sheet with the new architecture. 
  2. Check whether the content for a page should come only from the page you want to transform or whether it has several pages as sources.
  3. Create the new page with the content type identified and the source content identified
  4. Add the URL of the newly created page into the ToBe architecture sheet (column "new URL"). 

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact:

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