EC branded standardised websites



According to Europa domain rules, EC branded standardised websites are hosted on the 3rd level domain of the Commission (, in keeping with the Commission's rules on URL structure.


EC branded standardised websites are owned and managed by a DG/Agency, in line with the Europa Web Guide.

Site owners must

Creation and revamp

Creation and revamp of EC branded standardised websites must be approved by DG Communication 'Europa Web Communication' (COMM B3) through the revamps and new websites procedure (Restricted access).


The architecture of the EC branded standardised websites extends the EC branded websites top-level architecture (15 classes)



The first element of the breadcrumb must always be labelled 'Home' and must link to the homepage of the actual site where the current user page is located. The home page is followed by its child pages, e.g. Home > 1st level of the website > 2nd level > page title.

Usability testing has proven that it is better to put the label 'Home' rather than the name of the site because it is:

Exceptions: if a small site is integrated into a larger site - for technical reasons, for example - the first element of the breadcrumb may link to the homepage of the larger site.


The content must follow the writing guidelines and be translated according to the language policy.


EC branded standardised websites must follow general rules on logos and icons and EC branded specific design rules.

They must comply with accessibility rules.


It is mandatory to build EC branded standardised websites using the Europa Web Publishing Platform.

Legal aspects

EC branded standardised websites must comply with Privacy, security and legal notices.

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact:

Comm Europa Management

European Commission
DG Communication 
Unit B.3 
Europa Web Communication