The Europa domain

The Europa domain (or "Europa") refers to the second level domain It belongs to the '.eu' top level domain established by Regulation EC 733/2002 and managed by DG Communication on behalf of all EU institutions.

Since 2005, the Europa domain has been used by the EU institutions for their online communications and groups websites from all EU institutions.

Benefits of using the domain:


EU institutions, bodies and agencies use 3rd level domains under


To check which category your website belongs to within the EC branded web presence or EU branded web presence, please see below.

EC branded web presence

EU branded web presence


Please see:


Choosing a second level domain name for the European Union's websites -  (In French only - 122.9 KB - PDF)

Rules and procedures on assigning website addresses in the .eu domain - (In French only - 122.9 KB - PDF)

Europa high level governance (Corporate Communication Steering Committee - 6 September 2019 - 330 KB - PDF)

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