EU branded harmonised websites host general information about the EU in a specific area and/or for a wide target audience, which does not need specific knowledge of the EU Institutions to navigate the site (in all EU official languages).


The EU branded harmonised websites use the components of the Europa Components Library (ECL) as this template shows:

EU branded harmonised websites template


Global banner

The global banner is the official EU stamp; the content on Europa comes genuinely from the EU


Site header

the harmonised site header should be on every page. It communicates the European Union brand and provides basic structure and guidance. The site header is composed of several mandatory and optional elements

EU Emblem linking to

Language select

Europa search


Page header

the harmonised page header gives context and information to the user on what the page is about. It should be on every page, just below the site header, except for the homepage. The page header is composed of mandatory and optional elements

page title





The footer should be on every page. It contains the corporate footer and customised footer. The corporate footer displays links providing information such as contact information, disclaimers, legal content, social media and the list of EC institutions under the EU emblem.

corporate footer customised footer

Contact and support

Need further assistance on this topic? Please contact the team in charge of the Europa domainComm Europa Management.