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Pseudonymisation is a reversible process of removing personal identifiers such as name, email etc.

In Mobility Tool+ the following personal information is rendered anonymous under specific conditions:

  • Contacts (list, detail, log) - if the project is finalised and those contacts have no access to the project, all contact data is anonymised to users from National Agencies, DG EAC and Beneficiary users who have access to the project.
  • Participants (list ,detail, data export, log) - if the project is finalised, all participant details are anonymised to all persons who can view the project: National Agency users, DG EAC users and Beneficiary users who have access to the project.

In case of audit or needs from the beneficiary, National Agency or DG EAC, this process can be reversed but only on request. Please contact your National Agency if required.

If an exception to this rule is required please request via IMT. The MT+ technical team can allow access to view these details when justified e.g. for auditing purposes.

Example of project contact anonymised after finalisation

Example of participant anonymised after finalisation


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  1. In case you would like to submit a request to the NA IT Helpdesk, please open a ticket in the NA IT Helpdesk project (in Issue Management Tool). In case you do not have the access to the NA IT Helpdesk project in IMT, please contact one of your colleagues in the NA to whom such an access has been granted. Alternatively, please contact your local NA User Access Manager, who can request access to the NA IT Helpdesk project for you.