'European Commission websites' refers to the entire landscape of websites owned by the European Commission's services. Collectively, they represent the Commission's web presence. The definitions, categories, branding and rules that apply to the European Commission's websites and their development can be found below.


All European Commission websites must follow the rules laid down in the Europa Web Guide. 

Categories of European Commission websites

Depending on their type of content, European Commission websites follow specific rules depending on the site category they belong to.

3 websites categories have been defined:


All European Commission websites are either


All European Commission websites must be hosted on the '' domain.



European Commission websites

European Commission websites are all websites owned by one of the European Commission departments (Directorates-General, Executive Agencies and Service Departments).


A website is a collection of related web pages

Site owner

As regards the European Commission (including executive agencies), the website owner is the service that does any of the following:

* EU institutions hold direct financial responsibility for a site, if the site is created through a call for tender or by internal means.
They are not considered directly financially responsible for a site if it is developed using EC funding or a grant.

Web page

A webpage is any content encoded in a hypertext formatted document (e.g. HTML). A webpage regroups web assets needed to convey an editorial message and the means to display it correctly.

We can identify two main types of webpages:

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact:

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