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The following pages describe the search for opportunities, and the application for grants or accreditations, using the Application forms, for the Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps Programme actions managed by the National Agencies in the Programme Countries.  


If you are a new user, you must create an EU Login account before you can apply for an Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps grant or accreditation. See the page EU Login - European Commission Authentication Service for detailed information.

The quality of your application will be assessed against the award criteria specified in the Programme Guide. More information can be found under .
Make sure that you provide all the necessary information in your application. This allows the experts evaluating your application to assess all elements of each award criteria.

If you would like more information on how experts will assess the award criteria, please consult the other supporting documents, which are available at the Erasmus+ website at

You can also consult Model Application forms online under

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