A content inventory logs the existing content of a website.


A content inventory takes the form of a detailed list (in an Excel sheet) of all the pages and other content items (downloadable documents and publications, video, audio, etc.) present on the website.

Ideally, the content inventory should reflect the hierarchy (navigation level) of the content on the site. This builds up a visual representation of a website, which makes it easier to understand how the site content is structured.

The benefits of a content inventory

A content inventory is a way to account for the content as it is (before transformation), to facilitate analysis of the content and its improvement. The content inventory of a site logs, for example, the main sections; types of content and the most visited pages.

Once the content transformation is complete, the content inventory shows what happened to the content and where it can be found, or if it has been deleted or archived.

Content inventory template


How to fill in the content inventory template

The content inventory template includes the following fields:

A - Current structure

B - Content description

Next steps

Once you have prepared the Content inventory, proceed to the next stage in the process: Content : ROT analysis.