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Develop a tree structure

Based on the information and insights gathered from research, set up a new content architecture by first developing a detailed tree structure as follows:

  • look at the user needs (e.g. through surveys, interviews or analytics) and organisational goals to determine what content the new web presence will have to contain to provide an answer to both
  • structure the list of information that is needed in the new web presence into a new information architecture
  • use a visual representation to facilitate the readability of this tree structure – e.g. mind maps, visual sitemaps, …


In the new architecture, policy background information (the goals of a policy and the issue being tackled) should be split from information about policy implementation (e.g. information about a funding programme or a law). However, both types of information need to be closely inter-linked, thus links to the policy implementation should be listed on a page about the policy background. 

More information: Policy content type - how to structure policies and step by step guidelines

ToBe architecture

  • when the tree structure is established and, ideally, tested, transform the visual representation into an Excel content inventory
  • this inventory will provide you with a list of pages to be included in the new web presence
  • the inventory can be used as a working document:
    • starting point for detailed editorial, design and technical briefs
    • can be used to track the progress of the transformation work

ToBe architecture template

Template_ToBe_architecture_empty (1).xlsx

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact:

Comm Europa Management

European Commission
DG Communication 
Unit B.3 
Europa Web Communication 

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