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The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

This page explains how to manage blended intensive programmes, applicable to projects carried out under KA131-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff supported by internal policy funds.

Blended intensive programmes are short, intensive programmes that use innovative ways of learning, teaching and training for students and staff including the use of online cooperation. They are developed and implemented by at least three higher education institutions (HEIs) coming from at least three EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme.

During blended intensive programmes, groups of students or staff will undertake a short-term physical mobility abroad combined with a compulsory virtual component facilitating collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork. The duration of the physical component is between 5 and 30 days, but there is no limitation on the duration of the virtual component.

For full eligibility criteria please refer to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Within each Blended intensive programme partnership there must be one coordinating HEI and receiving HEI, and in total two partner HEIs. A coordinating HEI can be a sending or receiving organisation in a mobility. Blended intensive programmes can be open to students and staff from higher education institutions outside the partnership, but the receiving HEI must be one of the partnership organisations. The receiving HEI must hold a valid ECHE.

The following activity types can be organised in the format of an intensive blended programme:

  • Student mobility for studies
  • Staff mobility for teaching
  • Staff mobility for training

In your project, you will see all the blended intensive programmes defined in the grant agreement and transferred automatically from the National Agency project management system. It is not possible to manually add more blended intensive programmes directly in your project.

To indicate a mobility activity as being part of a blended intensive programme, you must take the following steps in the mobility screen (Mobility Activities section of the project) for the selected participant:

  1. Check the Blended intensive programme flag in the Activity section of the mobility screen.
  2. Select the relevant Blended intensive programme ID from the respective drop-down list in the From-To section.

As a result, in the Blended intensive programmes section of the project, the mobility activity will be taken into account in the number of reported participants for the selected blended intensive programme and will be listed in the programme details, at the bottom of the screen.

In the Blended Intensive Programmes section you will then need to complete the remaining details for each of the programmes in your list, as explained below.




1. Click on "Blended Intensive Programmes" in the "Content Menu"

Click on Blended Intensive Programmes in the Content Menu of your project to access the Blended Intensive Programmes list.

Blended intensive programme list

2. Blended Intensive Programmes list

The list displays all the blended intensive programmes defined in the grant agreement and transferred automatically from the National Agency project management system when the project becomes available for the beneficiary in the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform. 

Take note

It is not possible to manually add more blended intensive programmes directly in your project.

Each blended intensive programme is displayed as a card. In each card you will see the unique programme ID, as well as other key details of the programme, after you fill them in:

  • the Blended Intensive Programme ID - is assigned automatically and cannot be changed; indicate this ID in the mobility activity screen for a selected participant to retrieve and display the participant's details in the Blended Intensive Programme.
  • the Title of the Blended Intensive Programme
  • the Number of Awarded Participants
  • the number of Reported Participants - calculated automatically based on the number of linked participants via the blended intensive programme ID
  • the number of Teachers/Trainers delivering the Programme
  • the Number of HEIs in the partnership
  • the Coordinating HEI
  • the Receiving HEI
  • details about the last update

Blended intensive programme key details

The initial status of a blended intensive programme is Draft. This is indicated by a red line on the left side of the card (1). The status will change to Complete after you fill in all the required information in the Blended intensive programme details and the Blended Intensive Programme Partnership sections of the programme. This will be indicated by a green line on the left side of the card. 

By default, all cards are open, so you can view the key details for each Blended Intensive ProgrammeTo gain space on your screen, you can click on Close All (2) to close the cards. The button will then change to Expand All. 

Alternatively, click on the dedicated arrow (3) in the card header of a single card to close or open it, respectively. When the card is closed, only the ID and Title are visible.

Blended intensive programme status and view options


3. "Blended Intensive Programme" screen 

Click on the Edit (pencil) icon next to the desired programme, to open its full details.

Click on Edit to open the full details of the blended intensive programme

The Blended Intensive Programme screen consists of three sections:

  1. Blended Intensive Programme Details
  2. Blended Intensive Programme Partnership
  3. Blended Intensive Programme Participants

Fill in all the required information in the Details and Partnership sections. All fields must be provided at once before you are can save your changes.

Check the information in the Participants section thoroughly. If any changes are required, they must be done in the individual mobility activity screen for a participant.

Blended Intensive Programme screen


3.1. Complete/Edit the "Blended Intensive Programme Details"

In the list of Blended intensive programmes, click on the Edit (pencil) icon to open the Blended intensive programme details screen for the desired programme. Fill in the fields as required. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Note the following:

  1. Certain fields are updated automatically based on the linked mobility activities involved in the blended intensive programme and based on the organisations you add in the Partnership details section.
    • These fields are greyed out and the information cannot be changed manually.
    • If corrections are required, you must make the necessary changes in the affected mobility activities that are linked to the selected programme via the Blended intensive programme ID, or in the Partnership section. 
  2. The Start Date and End Date fields refer to the physical activity.
  3. The Blended Intensive Programme Organisational Support (Awarded) grant is the amount awarded by the National Agency, therefore cannot be changed by the beneficiary.
  4. The Blended Intensive Programme Organisational Support (Reported) grant is calculated automatically based on the reported number of participants (learners in blended mobility activities that have been indicated as part of the blended intensive programme).

Click Edit and fill in the Blended Intensive Programme details


3.2. Edit the Blended Intensive Programme "Partnership"

The Partnership details section will display warning messages. These warning messages provide an overview of the rules to adhere to for the partnerships in a Blended Intensive Programme. 

While you add and/or edit partnership organisations, the warning messages will disappear if a specific rule is fulfilled. Only when all warnings are no longer displayed, all conditions are fulfilled. 

Warning messages

3.2.1. Add organisations to the partnership

The partnership must consist of at least 3 higher education institutions, of which one must have the role of Coordinator (HEI with a valid ECHE), and one must have the role of Receiving HEI (with a valid ECHE). At least two organisations in the partnership must be Sending HEIs/Organisations.

For each organisation that you add to the partnership:

  • Click on the Create button in the Partnership details section.
  • Select the Organisation ID from the available ones in the drop-down list. Some of the other organisation details will be filled in automatically.
  • Select the applicable Partnership Role and Mobility Activity Role.
  • Click Save to update the partnership details. The organisation is added to the list of organisations.

Add organisations to the partnership

Here is an example of the Partnership list with organisations added. One warning message is still displayed at the top of the list, stating that only one organisation can be the Coordinator. The list in our example displays two Coordinator organisations. This must be corrected. 

Example of warning concerning two Coordinator organisations in Partnership list


3.2.2. "View","Edit" or "Delete" an organisation from the partnership

The following options are available in the Action column for each organisation in the partnership, by clicking on the applicable icon, from left to right:

  1. View  - view the organisation details, without being able to change them.
  2. Edit - make the desired changes keeping in mind the above mentioned rules regarding the Coordinator/Receiving HEI, then click on Save.
  3. Delete  - remove the organisation from the partnership. This does not remove the organisation from the project, nor does it affect any of the related mobility activities.

View, edit or delete an organisation from the partnership


3.3. View the Blended Intensive Programme "Participants"

At the bottom of the Blended Intensive Programme Details screen you can consult the list of all participants involved in the selected blended intensive programme, with key details about each participant, including the associated Mobility Activity ID.

If a participant enrolled in the blended intensive programme belongs to an organisation that has not been added as a partner organisation in the blended intensive programme, you will see a warning message.

For each participant you will be able to open the participant details in view mode.

View the Blended intensive programme Participants