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The Opportunities page includes descriptions of all open Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps opportunities for key actions managed by National Agencies and enables organisations to submit application forms for accreditation and grants for projects supported by these programmes.

Please note

  • Information on available Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps opportunities is publicly available, however to apply for a call, you need to sign in using a registered EU Login account
  • NA and NEO users cannot apply for opportunities, but can see the list of opportunities
  • the application must be submitted before the listed Deadline


If you are interested in applying for Erasmus+ actions managed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, please visit: EACEA Funding Opportunities 


In order to successfully apply for an opportunity (call)

  • the call must be open at the time of applying
  • the user must be logged in to EU Login with a registered user


Detailed Steps

1. Access "Opportunities" and select a programme

You can only apply for an opportunity once you are signed in to EU Login as described below.

Access the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Platform and click on Opportunities (1) in the main menu. A sub-menu opens with the following options:

  • Erasmus+ (2)
  • European Solidarity Corps (3)

Click on one of the options to navigate to the specific opportunities for that programme. These opportunities relate to key actions of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes managed by National Agencies. 


2. See open calls

2.1. Erasmus+

In the Opportunities for Erasmus+ page the opportunities are organised by Field of opportunities (1) and Key actions (2).

Take note

To apply for Erasmus accreditation in youth (KA150) for 2021, please use the link to this page

For documentation on how to complete the Erasmus accreditation in youth (KA150) form, please see: Web Application Forms Guidelines for Erasmus+

Click the See open calls button (3) under the desired field of opportunity / key action to list all available opportunities.

The following categories are available:

  • Field of opportunity 
    • School Education
    • Higher Education
    • Vocational Education and Training
    • Youth
    • Adult Education
  • Key actions
    • KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals 
    • KA2 - Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices 


2.2. European Solidarity Corps 

To apply for Quality label decentralised action (ESC50-QLA) for 2021, please use the link to this page

For documentation on how to complete the Quality label decentralised (ESC50-QLA) form, please see: Web Application Forms Guidelines for European Solidation Corps.

In the Opportunities for European Solidarity Corps page all open calls are listed under Field of opportunity.


3. Apply to an opportunity

3.1. Call details

Each open call has the following information available:

  1. Action type
  2. Call title and description
  3. Deadline for submitting a complete application for this opportunity and the remaining days before the deadline
  4. Apply button

3.2. Click "Apply"

Before starting your application, please ensure that your organisation has a unique Organisation ID. This is required to participate in all Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps actions managed by National Agencies. It is possible to search for your Organisation ID or register a new organisation.

If you have already initiated an application for an open call, you can find it under My Applications on the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Platform. 

For the desired opportunity, click the Apply button in the lower right corner of the call box. You will thus create an application form for the selected opportunity. 

3.3. Sign in, if required

If you click Apply but have not yet signed in to EU Login you will be requested to provide your email and password, as described on the page EU Login - European Commission Authentication Service.

You may also create an EU Login account at this stage.


4. Application form created

4.1. "Draft application already exists"

If you have already started (but not submitted) an application for the selected action type, you will receive a notification. Choose whether you want to Open the existing draft or Create a new application by clicking on the appropriate button.

4.2. No previous draft

If you have never created an application for the selected action type, a new form is created as soon as you click Apply.

4.3. Application details and "Form ID"

The "Application details" screen opens and you can start filling in the application form.

A unique Form ID is assigned to the application, which can be used later to identify it in My applications as well as in all related communications with your National Agency.


5. Retrieve application in "My Applications"

Once you have created the application form, you can fill it in and submit it immediately or you can access it at any later time for further editing by selecting Applications > My Applications in the main menu of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Platform. 

For further information on finding and managing your application, see the page My Applications

Expected Outcome

  • A new application form is created based on an available opportunity, and can now be found in My Applications.


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