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In the Activities section of the application form you are asked to specify and provide details for each activity foreseen in the project. The sum of the Grant amount allocated for all activities must match the amount specified in the Project Lump Sum in the Context section.

Our example shows how to complete this section of your application using a KA210-ADU - Small-scale partnerships in adult education application form. 


Questions or fields may vary depending on the action you apply for. Please read the onscreen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call year 2022
    • KA210-YOU - Small-scale partnerships in youth
    • KA210-ADU - Small-scale partnerships in adult education
    • KA210-SCH - Small-scale partnerships in school education
    • KA210-VET - Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training


  • You must have completed the sections Context and Participating Organisations in your application form.



1. Access "Activities" 

Click on Activities in the content menu. The Navigation panel and the Activities screen opens. 

At least one activity must be added. 

A red warning message is also initially displayed, stating that the total of the Grant amount allocated to the activities should be equal to the project Lump Sum. 

Access the Activites section from the Content Menu

2. Create your first activity

2.1. Provide the "Activity Title"

Type the name of the activity in the Activity Title field for the first activity. The remaining information for the activity displayed in the table will be automatically completed based on information provided further in the Activity Details section.

Provide the Activity Title


2.2. Provide the "Activity Details" 

As soon as you provided an activity title, the subsection for the Activity Details in the Content menu displays the given activity title in brackets. Click on the subsection for your activity in the Content Menu to access the Activity Details to be completed.  

Access the Activity Details from the Content Menu

The Activity Details for the activity opens. Provide the required general information: 

  • Venue of the activity - Free text field.
  • Estimated start and end date of the activity - by default, Project start and end date as per Context section are prefilled; Change the dates as per your needs. Start and end date must be within the project start and end date. 
  • Leading organisation - drop-down list to select the organisation leading the activity; displays all organisations added under the Participating organisation section of the form.
  • Participating organisation(s) - drop-down list to select the participating organisations for the activity, displaying all organisations added under the Participating organisation section of the form, except the one selected under Leading organisation

The activity duration is automatically calculated based on the provided start and end date. The Estimated cost of the activity, Grant amount allocated to the activity (EUR), is to be specified at the bottom of the Activity Details and will be updated automatically upon completion of the Activity Details.

You might have to use the scroll bar at the bottom of tables or in your browser window to access all available information on the screens. To gain additional space on your screen you can also close the Content menu using the arrow icon < or work in Full Screen mode. See How to complete the application form for detailed information.

Complete the general Activity Details

Complete the available free text fields with the required information.

Complete the mandatory textual fields for the Activity

Specify the Grant amount allocated to the activity (EUR). The amount specified cannot be higher than the Total grant amount as specified in the Context section of your application form, specifically the Project Lump Sum.

Specify the Grant amount allocated to the activity


2.3. Activity Details completed

When all information is provided, the Activity Details subsection in the Content menu is marked as complete. 

Activities Details subsection marked complete

In our example, Activities in the Content Menu is still marked with a red check, indicating that the section is not yet complete.

Upon checking the Activities screen we still see the red warning message, informing us on the mismatch between the total of the Grant amount compared to the project Lump sum specified in the Context section. Until this condition is fulfilled, the Activities section will not be marked as complete.

In our example, we will add additional activities to reach the required total Grant amount. 

Total Grant not equal to Project Lump Sum


3. Add additional activities, if required

f you plan more than one activity in your project, you must add an entry for each additional activity in your application form.

To add an additional activity, click on the Add an activity button. Provide an Activity title and complete the Activity Details as described above.

Add additional activities using the Add an activity button


4. Update an activity

If you want to make changes to an already planned activity, click on the related subsection in the Content menu and make the necessary changes in the Activity Details. 

Update Activity Details by accessing the details from the Content menu

5. Delete an activity

If you want to remove an activity from your application form, click on the Delete button for the activity to remove from the Activities screen. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Yes in the confirmation pop-up window. Click on No to cancel the deletion.

Delete an activity using the Delete button


6. "Activities" marked complete 

When the details for all added activities have been completed, the table in the Activities screen is updated. Information on the Activity duration (in days) and Grant amount allocated to each activity as well as their total is displayed. 

The sum of the Grant amount allocated for all activities must match the amount specified in the Project Lump Sum in the Context section.

The Activities section and all subsections are marked as complete when all mandatory information is provided and valid, and the Total Grant equals the project Lump sum.

Activities section marked complete

Expected Outcome

  • Activities section and, as a result of the information provided, Budget Summary section are marked complete

Activities and Budget Summary sections marked complete

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