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What are the participant reports?

Those individuals that have participated in an Erasmus+ mobility project are requested to submit their feedback on the experience. The participant receives an email with a dedicated link to the participant report (this link will not expire). The email request is automatically triggered by the Mobility Tool when the end date of the mobility is reached. The individual participant report is completed online in an EU Survey and is offered in various languages. The participant can save as draft and submit the form. After submission, the participant may download a PDF version but they can not edit the form again.

In the Mobility Tool, you can view the status of the participant report. The report status can be

  • Requested,
  • Prefilling (is a temporary status, used to distinguish the reports for which the call to set the name and email address in the participant report was not made yet. It usually happens during the night and can be longer (until after mid day) due to the huge amount of reports which have to be processed),
  • or Submitted

If the email address is incorrect or there is an issue with sending the email, the status will be Undelivered. In this case it is possible to send the email request to the participant again. To do so:

  1. Select the participants to which you would like to resend the report request
  2. Click on the link Resend participant report request


All participant reports can be downloaded from the Mobilities list view.

For those key actions that have more than one activity type, the zip file will contain as many files as there are activity types, as the participant forms differ for each activity type.

The participant reports are not mandatory for all key actions, for example for the youth key actions only the group leader may be requested to complete the participant report. For KA2 no participant reports are required.

The functionality in MT+ allows for sending of the beneficiary report even if not all participant reports have been submitted.

You also have the possibility to download the reports individually

Access the Mobilities tab in your project. For mobilities having sent the report, it is declared as Submitted in the Report Status column.

Click on View.

In the participant details window, access the Participant Report tab.

Click the Download PDF button.

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