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Change log - Europa Web Guide - Version 1

DateSummary of changePage referenceRule amended/created 
23.03.2021Uploaded information on EUSurvey in corporate solutionsEUSurveyNo
16.03.2021Updated the alternatives to EU jargon Jargon and clear writing alternativesNo
03.03.2021Uploaded how to access the Extranet Confluence WikisHow to access the Extranet Confluence WikisNo
01.03.2021Added information regarding hierarchy of headingsFormattingNo 
23.02.2021Uploaded a new list of logo exceptionsLogos and IconsNo
23.02.2021Updated guidelines related to archivingArchivingNo
02.02.2021Uploaded new EC standardised and harmonised group 3 templatesRules and guidelines per site typeNo
26.01.2021Updated the list browsers supportedBrowser supportNo
26.01.2021Updated information about Europa AnalyticsEuropa AnalyticsNo 
19.01.2021Updated governance rules on core websiteDepartment and related informationYes
19.01.2021  Change DEVCO in INTPAContacts in DG Communication, per DG and Class managersNo 
12.01.2021Footnote explain 211 countries (and territories counted separately)  Process to define the 15 classes No
04.01.2021 Uploaded rules for adequate protection of data sent over the Internet Secure Connection to Commission websitesYes 
22.12.2020 Updated list of corporate solutionsCorporate Solutions No 
18.12.2020 Published the types of content section with news, event and audiovisualTypes of content Yes 
15.12.2020 Uploaded new web request form Revamps and new websites No 

Uploaded data protection implications for external links

Web writing guidelines: linkingNo 
06.11.2020Updated the class: live, work and travel in EU EC branded websites top level architecture: the 15 classes No 
04.11.2020Clarified information on Machine TranslationMachine translation for public administrations - eTranslation No 
04.11.2020  Uploaded accessibility requirements for links Web writing guidelines: linkingYes 
04.11.2020 Uploaded the questions and updates of the audience profiles Basis for user tests, surveys or polls No 
22.10.2020 Added EUSurvey in the list of corporate solutionsCorporate solutionsNo 
14.10.2020 Published new rule about site moderationHow should websites be moderated?Yes 
8.10.2020Uploaded Code storage informationCode and documentation storageYes 
8.10.2020 Added zip. files in the file formats sectionFile FormatsNo
6.10.2020Added mention of acronyms in URL strucutreURL structureNo
5.10.2020Made governance bodies publically available Governance bodiesNo
5.10.2020Amended the description of EWPPEuropa Web Publishing PlatformYes
1.10.2020Uploaded ECL content on partnership websites  EC branded harmonised websitesNo 
1.10.2020Updated Machine Translation pageeTranslation Yes 

Amended the page regarding Promotional URLs

Promotional URLsNo
24.9.2020Amended the procedure description for CookiesCookiesYes
9.9.2020Amended the warning notice in Rule section IframesYes
13.7.2020Uploaded latest version of Commission Style Guide (July 2020)Other style guidesNo
8.7.2020Published new and approved Content Types page Content typesNo
28.4.2020Added latest version of Web request form (v.04-20) featuring new field: confirmation of the web coordinator

Revamps and new websites

Mobile applications

Domains and site names

27.4.2020Added factsheets on 'Funding, Tenders', 'Research and Innovation', and 'EU strategy, political priorities' user surveys to the 07. EC branded websites top-level architecture: the 15 classes section of the guide (see page reference)

Funding, tenders

Research and Innovation


28.1.2019Added COMM B3 service catalogue section to guide







24.1.2019Added Training videos on Accessibility page to accessibility section of guide01. Training videos on accessibilityNo
20.12.2019Uploaded new web request form (v.12-19) on three pages




19.12.2019Linking overview page - inserted clarification - "always specify, with an icon or a label, that the link points to an external site (i.e. a website not under the domain)"01. Linking overviewNo
14.10.2019A comprehensive guide on the procedures to follow when adding or editing content on the European Commission’s main website ( Commission website content governanceYes
14.10.2019Alignment of rules with the new Web Accessibility Directive, including update of reference standard from WCAG 2.0 (AA) to WCAG 2.1 (AA). New sections added on: uploading documents; automated accessibility checking tools; writing an accessibility statement; and content that is exempt from the Directive. New accessibility checklist for content creators available.AccessibilityYes
14.10.2019When introducing a new website or revamp request, it is now mandatory to attach the opinion of your DG’s IRM or IT portfolio manager, along with the approval of the Head of Communication unit. The new request form is available on Revamps and new websites - Restricted.Revamps and new websites request procedureYes
14.10.2019If required, websites must make use of Europa Webtools and cannot feature third party tools and services.Third-party tools vs corporate tools and servicesYes
14.10.2019Use of the cookie consent kit is mandatory on each page of the European Commission web presence, regardless of the cookies used. CookiesYes
14.10.2019In place of templates, the Commission has launched the Europa Component Library, which provides reusable design elements and visual standards for all EU and EC branded websites and web information systems. The components must be used following the specific design rules depending on site category.Europa Component LibraryYes
14.10.2019Depending on their content, new websites and revamps will need to comply with the design constraints linked to their branding and site category.Design rules and guidelines for the European Commission's websitesYes

New model defined to ensure the coherence, relevance and cost-effectiveness of the Commission’s web presence and that its look and feel remains consistent and inspires confidence.

Depending on the type of content, two types of branding can be applied to European Commission websites:  EU or EC branded.  In addition, the model identifies three new categories of websites – core, standardised and harmonised. These new website categories have been created to match various communication objectives. Note that they come with their own design constraints.

Categories of European Commission websites: branding and site categoriesYes
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Attention: Public content on the Europa Web Guide has moved to the EC core website: Europa Web Guide. Restricted pages are now on SharePoint: European Commission website content governance.
Important note: Please update any links to the guide in your documentation or intranet pages accordingly.

The Europa Web Guide is the official rulebook for the European Commission's web presence, covering editorial, legal, technical, visual and contractual aspects.
All European Commission web sites must observe the rules and guidelines it contains.
Web practitioners are invited to observe its contents and keep abreast of updates. More information about the web guide.