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DG Communication (Unit B3) mapped all DG pages (24,000 Europa web pages) onto the 77 user tasks from June-September 2014. At the same time, each DG identified the tasks it had a stake in plus any additional tasks.


  • to discover the relative weights of each task in each DG/between DGs
  • to understand the complexity of each task: content-heavy or application-heavy
  • an input for future task identification work


Tasks by DG and DGs by task (includes *executive agencies)

Situation in summer 2014 – please note that the information in the reports should be used for reference only because the responsibilities of DGs have changed since the exercise was carried out.

AGRIAgriculture and Rural DevelopmentReport  (392 kB)
BEPABureau of European Policy AdvisersReport  (398 kB)
BUDGBudgetReport  (316 kB)
CLIMAClimate ActionReport  (397 kB)
COMMCommunicationReport  (399 kB)
CNECTCommunications Networks, Content and TechnologyReport  (367 kB)
COMPCompetitionReport  (376 kB)
DEVCOEuropeAid Development and CooperationReport  (396 kB)
DGTTranslationReport  (373 kB)
DIGITInformaticsReport  (374 kB)
EACEducation and cultureReport  (390 kB)
EEAEuropean Environment AgencyReport  (260 kB)
*EACEAEducation and Culture Executive AgencyReport  (354 kB)
*EASMEExecutive Agency for Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesReport  (407 kB)
ECFINEconomic and Financial AffairsReport  (402 kB)
ECHOHumanitarian AidReport  (415 kB)
ELARGEnlargementReport  (369 kB)
EMPLEmployment, Social Affairs and InclusionReport  (431 kB)
ENEREnergyReport  (378 kB)
ENTREnterprise and Industry

Report  (393 kB)

ENVEnvironmentReport  (400 kB)
EPSOEuropean Personnel Selection OfficeReport  (338 kB)
ESTATEurostatReport  (360 kB)
FPIForeign Policy InstrumentsReport  (347 kB)
HOMEHome AffairsReport  (380 kB)
HRHuman resources and SecurityReport  (373 kB)
IASInternal Audit ServiceReport  (373 kB)
JRCJoint Research CentreReport  (404 kB)
JUSTJusticeReport  (455 kB)
MAREMaritime Affairs and FisheriesReport  (444 kB)
MARKTInternal Market and ServicesReport  (397 kB)
MOVEMobility and TransportReport  (534 kB)
OIBOffice for Infrastructures and Logistics in BrusselsReport  (370 kB)
OLAFEuropean Anti-Fraud OfficeReport  (400 kB)
OPPublications OfficeReport  (396 kB)
PMOOffice for Administration and Payment of Individual EntitlementsReport  (353 kB)
REGIORegional PolicyReport  (447 kB)
RTDResearchReport  (431 kB)
SANCOHealth and ConsumersReport  (394 kB)
SCICInterpretationReport  (361 kB)
SGSecretariat-GeneralReport  (360 kB)
SJLegal ServiceReport  (366 kB)
TAXUDTaxation and Customs UnionReport  (422 kB)
TRADETradeReport  (354 kB)
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