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The purpose of Erasmus Plan (KA120) or Activity Plan (KA150, ESC50) updates is to keep objectives of accredited beneficiaries relevant over longer periods of time. 

There are two kinds of updates: regular and exceptional. 

Regular Erasmus/Activity Plan updates take place when the previous plan is expiring. The exact launch date and submission deadline for the update are defined by the National Agency. The expiration of an Erasmus/Activity Plan does not have any automatic effect. The accreditation remains valid, the beneficiary can apply for funds, and implementation continues normally with the previous plan remaining in place until an update is approved. 

The National Agency can request an update to the Erasmus Plan (KA120) or Activity Plan (KA150, ESC50) when launching the request for an Accreditation Progress Report from the accredited beneficiary organisation in their project management system. The NA will define a deadline for submission of the report, by which it must be submitted from Beneficiary module. If the accredited beneficiary does not submit their update within the deadline, the NA can consider initiating remedial actions, up to suspension. 

Exceptional Erasmus/Activity Plan updates are updates that take place before the previous Erasmus Plan expires. These updates can be requested by the accredited beneficiary by contacting the National Agency with the details of the request and can then be initiated by the National Agency, if the NA decides to change the previously defined update schedule. 

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