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Technical reports

  • Original 2023: Use of geotagged photographs to evidence Land Cover and Land Use across EU policies JRC135007_Geotag_report_V5_Final.pdf 5,161 kB
  • WikiCAP: Geodata and technologies for a greener agriculture in Europe 2023 JRC132383_jrc132383_final_05042023.pdf 3,681 kB
  • WikiCAP: Key CbM concepts Conceptual basis of checks by monitoring; a partial revision of the earlier technical discussions 2022 JRC127678_final.pdf 1,716 kB
  • WikiCAP: Documenting a CbM implementation; a structured template for documenting agricultural land monitoring systems 2022 JRC130662_final.pdf 2,121 kB
  • WikiCAP: Proposed workflow for optimization of land monitoring systems; Copernicus Sentinel time series analysis within the Checks by Monitoring framework 2022 JRC130659_final.pdf 4,403 kB
  • WikiCAP: Collection of Methods for Data Analysis; from Signal Selection to Marker Detection 2022 JRC130244_collection_of_methods_for_data_analysis_19sep2022.pdf 2,866 kB
  • WikiCAP: Progress on Assessing the Validity of the Feature of Interest 2020 JRC123711_foi_assessment_final22.pdf 9,578 kB
  • JRC publications repository:  Planet HHR Time Stacks tests in the 2019 crop season 2020 JRC121118.pdf 2,804 kB
  • JRC publications repository: Applicability limits of Sentinel-2 data compared to higher resolution imagery 2019 JRC115564.pdf 2,721 kB
  • WikiCAP: DS-CDP-2018-18 second discussion document on the introduction of monitoring to substitute OTSC: rules for processing applications in 2018-2019 2018 JRC112913.pdf 3,783 kB
  • WikiCAP: DS-CDP-2017-03: discussion document on the introduction of monitoring to substitute OTSC 2017 JRC108353.pdf 5,031 kB