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KA150 - Erasmus accreditation in youth

Erasmus accreditation is a tool for organisations that want to open up to cross-border exchange and cooperation, foster youth participation and support capacity building of youth workers and youth work organisations through learning mobility activities.

Applicable Fields

  • KA150-YOU - Erasmus accreditation in youth

The KA150 Application form 

For general information on how to fill in an application form see the page How to complete the application form.

The following sections are available in a KA150 application form and must be completed before submission:

  • Context - This section asks for general information about your project proposal and about the National Agency that will receive, assess and decide on selection of your proposal.
  • Applicant Organisation - This section asks for information about the applicant organisation and about other organisations involved. All organisations included in the application, whether they act as applicant or consortium members, need to be registered in order to receive an Organisation ID.
  • Strategic development - This section asks for information about what you would like to achieve by taking part in this scheme and with the Erasmus Programme. It is about your objectives, expected impact, planned activities etc.
  • Management - In this section you should explain how you are planning to manage the activities, to work with your partners and to ensure that you will deliver high quality learning activities, in line with the Erasmus Youth Quality Standards.
  • Erasmus Youth Quality Standards - These are quality standards each organisation holding an Erasmus Youth accreditation should adhere to.
  • Annexes - In this section, you will need to attach relevant documents needed for the completion of your application.
  • Checklist - This section will help you double-check if your application is ready for submission.

Once all sections of your application form are marked as complete, you may submit it to your National Agency for assessment.

The following sections are used to manage your application: 

  • Sharing - In this section, you have the possibility to share an application with your colleagues or partners as long as the deadline for submission has not expired.
  • Submission History - In this section, you will be able to see all submissions of this application form.
titleTake note

The Erasmus Youth Quality Standards section contains the standards to read and check boxes to be ticked if you agree. Once completed, this section will be marked with a green check in the Content menu. 

The Management section contains text fields to be completed. For these sections, read the onscreen instructions and provide all required information in the available fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. Once completed, this section will be marked with a green check in the Content menu. 

No specific pages are available in the wiki for these sections. 

Sections in a KA150 application

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