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The The EU branded core website also known as inter-institutional site (, also known as the EU website, is the core official website of the EU branded web presence.

The site

  • hosts stable, core information, in simple and plain language
  • is managed by the European Commission on behalf of the other EU institutions and bodies
  • has a thematic structure    
  • serves as a hub for onward navigation to further content 


the European Union. It is a good starting point if you are looking for information and services provided by the EU but you don't know your way around our sites.

It provides:

  • basic information on how the EU works
  • links to EU information on the websites of EU institutions and agencies
  • EU law
  • documents and publications
  • the latest EU news and events
  • fully multilingual content

See for more.


A web team in DG Communication Europa Web Communication Unit (COMM B3) unit, in collaboration with the decentralised teams in the DGs and agencies, is manages the EU core site on behalf of all EU institutions. They are responsible for the presentation, daily maintenance, and longer term planning of the EU websitecore site.


The EU website is owned by DG Communication. 




The Europa Web Communication Unit in the Directorate-General for Communication (COMM B3) is managing this website under the supervision of the Inter-institutional Online Communication Committee (who owns the site and represents all EU Institutions). COMM B3 is responsible for daily and technical maintenance as well as editorial coordination.

Data Protection

DG Communication is the data controller and responsible for content and data. DG COMM is responsible for the corporate tools it owns.




The content must follow the web writing guidelines and be translated according to the language policy.


The EU branded core website must follow inter-institutional EU website must align with the EU branded website design and follows general rules on logos and icons and specific EU branded design rules?

It must comply with with accessibility rules.



Core websites must be built usingThe content follows the writing guidelines and is translated according to the language policy.


The inter-institutional EU website is developed using the Europa Web Publishing Platform.

Legal aspects

Core websites The inter-institutional EU website must comply with with the rules regarding Privacy, security and legal notices.

Contact and support


If you require further assistance


 , please contact: Comm Europa Management.