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There are a few important differences between the rules and guidelines in the Europa Web Guide and those in the Information Providers Guide.

Significant changes to note in the Europa Web Guide are:

New: A new model has been defined to ensure the coherence, relevance and cost-effectiveness of the Commission’s web presence and to ensure that its look and feel remains consistent and inspires confidence.

Depending on the type of content, two types of branding can be applied to European Commission websites:  EU or EC branded.  In addition, the model identifies three new categories of websites – core, standardised and harmonised. These new website categories have been created to match various communication objectives. Note that they come with their own design constraints.

New: Depending on their content, new websites and revamps will need to comply with the design constraints linked to their branding and site category.

New: In place of templates, the Commission has launched the Europa Component Library, which provides reusable design elements and visual standards for all EU and EC branded websites and web information systems. The components must be used following the specific design rules depending on site category.

New: Use of the cookie consent kit is mandatory on each page of the European Commission web presence, regardless of the cookies used.

New: If required, websites must make use of Europa Webtools and cannot feature third party tools and services.

New: When introducing a new website or revamp request, it is now mandatory to attach the opinion of your DG’s IRM or IT portfolio manager, along with the approval of the Head of Communication unit. The new request form is available on Revamps and new websites - Restricted.

New:  Alignment of rules with the new Web Accessibility Directive, including update of reference standard from WCAG 2.0 (AA) to WCAG 2.1 (AA). New sections added on: uploading documents; automated accessibility checking tools; writing an accessibility statement; and content that is exempt from the Directive. New accessibility checklist for content creators available.

New: A comprehensive guide on the procedures to follow when adding or editing content on the European Commission’s main website (

See Change log for more details.

Will it be updated?

The Europa Web Guide is a living document that will continue to be updated as the European Commission's web presence evolves. It will be updated soon to feature mandatory Europa Component Library elements. On average, there will be two new versions of the Europa Web Guide a year.