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The ‘Satisfaction Index’ is a corporate qualitative performance indicator for the Commission web presence. A specifically designed survey measures the real experience of citizens in trying to complete what they came to do on the Commission web presence,  and identifies what they want us to improve (the ‘Take Action’ score). The survey was carried out for the first time in 2014, resulting in a baseline Satisfaction Index of 60%. An iteration was carried out in 2018 resulting in a Satisfaction Index of 64%. 

How it works:

Results 2018 satisfaction survey


Extensive research and testing have identified 13 factors as key to the online customer experience ( Each of the 13 factors is represented with a positive and a negative aspect (26 in total: see chart below). People who indicate they are daily, weekly or monthly visitors are asked to select up to three factors that best describe their experience when trying to complete tasks on a European Commission website (first-time and infrequent visitors are considered to have either no experience or insufficient experience).