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Europa Analytics allows to track, analyse and understand better website audience.


  • set-up and configuration of websites
  • bug fixing and improvements
  • coaching and training
  • data insights and analysis.


Europa Analytics is the corporate web analytics service of the European Commission.

  • No other analytics tool or service may be used. Third-party services are not allowed on European Commission Websites
  • All new European Commission websites and revamps must include Europa Analytics
  • Each webmaster is responsible for adding the Europa Analytics Webtools snippet to all their pages and making sure all their pages are correctly tracked
  • Only the tracking code provided by Europa Analytics should be used.


Inclusion of a website in Europa Analytics

Europa Analytics is dedicated to monitoring the European Commission web presence (publicly available websites).


Access Management

The Europa Analytics reporting tool is accessible to European Commission staff using EU login. It is also accessible for externals sub-contractors, by request and approval. Please see below.

External sub-contractors

  1. Sub-contractors must create an EU Login account
  2. Sub-contractors must log in to Europa Analytics
    • an error message will be displayed
  3. A request has to be sent COMM Europa Management
  4. A new ticket will be created with the EA Team
  5. User access request will be reviewed
    • express authorisation has to granted by the website Owner/Administrator (European Commission staff member).

Europa Analytics FAQ

Europa Analytics documentation


Individual and group coaching sessions tailored to the user's needs are provided on demand.

Send an email to COMM Europa Management in order to request a session and discuss a meeting schedule.

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact: Comm Europa Management.