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  • Describe actions
    Identify the kind of actions that the visitor might want to achieve by visiting your page and find the closest verb that expresses that action (e.g. "learn", "consult", "discover").
  • Provide a solution or benefit that the page offers
    Tell the searchers what they can expect by visiting the page. Make it clear that there is a real benefit to clicking through and reading your page and that they will be served with clear, informative and valuable content.
  • Keep the description under 155 characters
    Search engines don't usually trim by characters but by pixel length. This means that a description made of iiiii will be allowed more characters than one made of ooooo. Use SEOmofo to test the appearance of the meta description.
  • Don't deceive searchers
    If your meta description deceives the reader with content not relevant to what they expect, they will hit the back button as soon as they reach the page. This will increase the bounce rate and give Google a signal that your page is not relevant for the search terms.
  • Make it specific and relevant
    Humans are good at recognising a predictable, generic meta description when they see it in the SERPs. That's why it is important to connect with your target audience and let them know they'll find specific information they couldn't get anywhere else.

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