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A web team in DG Communication Europa Web Communication (COMM B3) unit, in collaboration with the decentralised teams in the DGs and agencies, is responsible for the presentation, daily maintenance, and longer term planning of the European Commission website.


This website is owned by DG Communication. Its content is co-managed by DG Communication and DGs to level 3 of the website's architectureThe Europa Web Communication Unit in the Directorate-General for Communication (COMM B3) is the owner of this website and is responsible for the management of the site as the container of the content, the editorial coordination, its design, technical maintenance, longer-term planning, as well as daily maintenance on levels 0-3. From level 4 onwards, various Commission services are responsible as content owners. For core and horizontal content, special arrangements may apply among several content owners, usually representing central services. More details can be found in the ARES note on the Commission’s core site governance.

Data protection

DGs are the data controller and responsible for content and data. DG COMM is responsible for the corporate tools it owns.


The content must follow the web writing guidelines and be translated according to the language policy.

A specific governance applies for content hosted on the Europan Commission website.


The EC branded Core website must follow general rules on logos and icons and specific EC branded core websites design rules.

They must comply with accessibility rules.