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3 websites categories have been defined:

  • Core websites 
  • Standardised websites
    • give details of policies for which the DG/Executive agency is responsible
    • are strongly aligned with the core sites to provide seamless navigation between core and standardised sites
  • Harmonised websites
    • address specific communication needs, and as a result, have specific content and technical needs, e.g. Campaign websites; Event websites; Blogs; Network websites; Partnership websites; Information systems; Internal policy websites


All European Commission websites must be hosted on the '' domain and implement the global banner webtool.


  • for promotional purposes a ‘.eu’ web address can be reserved, registered and redirected to the website hosted on the ‘’ domain. See Promotional URLs
  • exceptionally, where a site is jointly owned with a third party, it may be hosted outside the ‘’ domain. The address should be decided on with the third party, with preference given to the top-level domain ‘.eu’. DG Comm must validate this choice


European Commission
DG Communication 
Unit B.3 
Europa Web Communication

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