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Welcome and approval of the agenda 

The agenda of the meeting was approved without any additions or modifications.

Actions from the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement)

Implementing Act on High Value Datasets under the Open Data Directive (a technical perspective) (I/D)

MIPW Action 1.1 Towards a Digital Ecosystem for the Environment and Sustainability (I/D/E)

poll results

MIWP Action 2.3.1. Governance of INSPIRE artefacts (D/E)

  • Voting on change proposals
    • Application schemas: #70, #73
    • Technical Guidance documents: #46
  • Some context and background information on the Action is provided, in particular the governance process for proposing and endorsing change proposal to schemas and TGs is presented as a reminder.
  • Next, the three change proposals are separately presented and the MIG-T (also representing the MIG) voted on their acceptance. All Member States and EFTA countries were in favour of the endorsement (see the poll results). The three endorsed changes will become effective as of the next release (v.2023.1) scheduled on 31 January 2023.

INSPIRE Geoportal infrastructure (status update) (I/D)

INSPIRE Validation Dashboard (I)

  • The JRC presents a dashboard built using ElasticSearch and Kibana and setup with the objective to get a higher knowledge on how and when the INSPIRE Reference Validator is used, e.g. which are the resources that are most validated, which are the resources for which most passed/failed tests happen, in which part(s) of the day/year the Validator is most used, etc.
  • Some countries showed interest in the dashboard. Since the application runs on the JRC internal network, it cannot be shared publicly. The JRC will consider integrating the dashboard (in the form of screenshots) in the new IKB.


  • Geonovum tender on OGC API - Features: NL presents the scope and expectations of the tender, which is open to submissions regarding any software solution. Deadline for applications is .
  • GAIA-X for INSPIRE Study:

Closing of meeting

  • Summary of conclusions and actions

Bilateral meetings with MIG-T members (upon request)

A bilateral meeting was held by the JRC team with PL and SK.