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Quick guide for open procedures

Getting started

Welcome to eSubmission!

eSubmission allows economic operators to respond electronically to EU procurement procedures by preparing submissions (i.e. tenders) and submitting them electronically in a structured and secure way.

The present Quick Guide applies to open procedures only. The Quick Guides for other procurement procedures can be consulted on Funding & Tenders Portal eProcurement wiki .

As an economic operator, you can:

  • Encode your response to a procedure launched by an EU institution or body

  • Submit in a secure manner

  • View or resume a saved draft

  • Delete a draft submission

  • Receive proof of submission (Submission Receipt)

  • Withdraw a submission before the time limit for receipt of submissions

  • Receive proof of withdrawal (Withdrawal Receipt)

Make sure you read the System Requirements.

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You can find them on the front page of the eSubmission application and in the attachments section on the Parties and Tender data pages.

How do I get technical help?

If you need help, you can contact our support team, from 08:00 until 20:00 CET/CEST.

+32 (0) 229 71063

(info)  The support team operates in English only.

How do I access eSubmission?

You will always access eSubmission in the context of a procurement procedure (call for tenders). You will find published calls for tenders of European institutions, bodies and agencies on:

What do I need to use eSubmission?

You need to be registered in the European Commission’s user authentication service (EU Login) to use eSubmission and to respond to a call for tenders published on the Funding & Tenders Portal. 

To respond to a call for tenders published before 25/10/2023, you also need an account on TED eTendering.

To identify your organisation in the electronic submission, it must be registered in the Commission’s organisations register (Participant Register) and have a PIC (Participant Identification Code). More information on PIC click here . Registration is open to all organisations and free of charge.

EU Login

EU Login is the entry gate to sign in to different European Commission services and/or systems. If you do not have an EU Login yet, you can create an account.

For more information, see the EU Login help.

TED eTendering

TED eTendering is the eProcurement platform where EU institutions, bodies and agencies published their calls for tenders before 25/10/2023.

You can create an eTendering account using your EU login.

Funding & Tenders Portal

The Funding & Tenders Portal is the single entry point (Single Electronic Data Interchange Area) for participants and experts in funding programmes and tenders managed by the European Commission and other EU bodies.

From the Funding & Tenders Portal participants can:

  • Search opportunities in EU funding programs or procurement procedures

  • Subscribe to calls for tenders
  • Consult procurement documents
  • Create and submit a question 
  • Register in the Participant Register

  • Access eSubmission
  • Access the Submission Receipts (proof of submission)

  • View, edit or delete draft submissions

  • Withdraw submissions and access the Withdrawal Receipt (proof of withdrawal)

Participant Register

The Commission has set up an online register of organisations participating in EU calls for tenders or proposals in order to apply the "once only" principle: data related to a participant's organisation needs to be submitted only once.  Following the registration each organisation obtains a unique Participant Identification Code (PIC). To learn how to obtain a PIC in the Participant Register, please refer to this page.

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Table of Contents

How to prepare your tender in eSubmission

Any economic operator may submit a tender by using the Funding and Tenders Portal link indicated in the contract notice.


Once in Funding and Tenders Portal, you need to click on Access submission:this will redirect you to eSubmission portal, provided that you are logged in with your EU Login account.


For calls for tenders published before 25/10/2023, economic operators may submit a tender by using the TED eTendering link indicated in the contract notice. Once in TED eTendering, you need to log in with your Ted eTendering account and then click on Submit a tender. This will redirect you to eSubmission portal.

In eSubmission click on New submission to start a new submission or Resume draft to resume a draft submission started earlier. You can also resume your draft from the Funding & Tenders Portal (for more information, see the section  Manage submissions in Funding & Tenders Portal in this guide ).

Navigating in eSubmission

When you start your submission you will see a progress line on top of the screen. This line shows all the steps you have to go through before submitting your tender. You can also see which step you are currently in.

At any time during the submission process you can see which documents have been uploaded by clicking on the  Submission documents  button on the left side of the screen.

(warning) Nothing is submitted to the contracting authority until you have clicked the Submit button at the end of the submission process.

Ways to submit

When you start a new submission, you will be asked to indicate:

  • how you will submit your tender: Sole submission or Joint submission,
  • if the submission will involve subcontracting,
  • in what language the submission will be made.

After you have made your choice, click on the button Next at the bottom of the page.


In this section you must identify the organisations participating in your submission (participants). Click on New party and select the type of participant: main participant (in case of sole submission), group leader or group member (in case of joint submission) and subcontractor (if applicable).

All participants, except subcontractors, must be identified with a PIC – Participant Identification Code. To check if an entity already has a PIC (i.e. is already registered in the Participant Register), use the  Search button. You can search by PIC, VAT number, National Registration number and country. To be able to search by VAT number or National Registration number you need to also select the country.

If the search shows no results, the organisation must register to obtain a PIC.  After obtaining the PIC, go back to  eSubmission , search by the PIC and select the displayed organisation.

The data associated with the PIC in the Participant Register will appear on the screen and you will be asked to provide the following mandatory data/documents:

  • for the Main participant or Group leader:
    • Contact Person (name and e-mail address)
    • IBAN/Bank account number
  • for all participants: Declaration on Honour (duly completed and signed) in the Attachments  section.

In the Contact Person section, the user can indicate himself/herself (the name is already prefilled) or another person as the contact person for the tender submission. The Contact Person receives the role Primary Coordinator Contact (PCoCo) in the Funding & Tenders Portal and the user submitting the tender (if different from the Contact Person) - the role Coordinator Contact (CoCo). 

If the PCoCo does not have an EU Login account, a temporary EU Login account will be automatically created based on the Contact Person email address and the person will be invited by email to complete the EU Login registration. The invitation will be an automatic system message with no reference to the procedure.

In the  Attachments  section of each participant you can upload the participant’s documents requested by the contracting authority with the tender. Check the tender specifications  to identify which documents for which participant must be included in the submission.

Click  Done  when you are ready. 

(warning) Once you have passed the “Ways to submit” step, it is no longer possible to change the structure from Joint submission to Sole submission or vice versa. In case you want to modify the structure of your submission or change the Group leader, you need to create a new submission overwriting your draft submission (all previously entered data and uploaded documents will be deleted).

Click  Next  to move to the next step.


In a procedure with several lots, choose the lot(s) for which you would like to submit a tender and then click on the button Next.

(warning) The identification of participants applies to the submission as a whole. Therefore, if the composition of the consortium is different per lot, you will need to make a separate submission per lot.

Tender data

In this section you need to enter the amount of your tender (only in case of the lowest cost and the lowest price award method  - make sure you use the same format as in the example on the screen) and/or confirm if your tender complies or not with the minimum requirements specified in the procurement documents.

If you confirm that your tender does not comply with the minimum requirements, you will be asked to provide an explanation in a dedicated text box. The confirmation of the compliance or non-compliance and the explanation in case of non-compliance will be reflected in the submission report.

After clicking on the Save button you can upload the financial tender and, if required by the contracting authority in the tender specifications, the technical tender. You can upload more than one file as technical/financial tender.

Once you consider the tender data correct and the submission complete, click on Next . The button will be active only if all mandatory data and documents have been provided.

(warning) At this stage, your draft tender, including all your documents,  is not submitted yet .

Submission report

The submission report is generated by the system and is part of the submission. The report lists all the documents included in the submission.

eSubmission automatically generates and adds the submission report to your submission. You can consult the report on the screen or download it for your own records (before submitting the tender). You don’t need to sign and upload the signed report in eSubmission.

After viewing the submission report, if you consider the submission complete and ready for submission, click on Next to continue.

(warning) The submission report is not a proof of submission. You have  not submitted yet . Please proceed to the next step and click on Submit to finalise the submission.

Submit your tender

When you are ready to submit your tender, click on Submit . The system will display a confirmation message.

Click Yes if you want to confirm: you will no longer be able to modify this submission .

Please note that the system will not allow you to submit if the time limit for receipt of submissions has been reached.

An e-mail notification will be sent to the email address of the Contact Person indicated in the tender (PCoCo) and the  email address (if different) linked to the EU Login account used to submit the tender (CoCo). This e-mail notification contains a link to the Funding & TendersPortal where the Submis sion R eceipt  can be found .

Note that the owners of the PIC used in the submission will be informed.

(warning)  The Submission Receipt constitutes proof of compliance with the time limit for receipt of submissions.

Manage submissions in Funding & Tenders portal 
Manage submissions in Funding & Tenders portal 

Manage submissions in Funding & Tenders Portal

To enter your private area of the Funding & Tenders Portal you need to authenticate yourself by using the  Login  button of the  Funding & Tenders Portal  at the top right end of the home page (enter your EU Login and password).

View submissions

Under the section Manage my area on the left the  PCoCo/CoCo  will find the submissions under My Submission(s) section.

A search field is also available on the right above the list of submissions.

My Submission(s) section

For each submission PCoCo/CoCo  can see the procedure reference number, the submission ID, the date of the last action performed and the submission status (draft, submitted, withdrawn, deleted), the deadline, the lot (if applicable), the procedure title and the procedure type.

The  Action  menu on the right of each submission (unless the submission has been deleted) allows the  PCoCo/CoCo  to perform different actions depending on the submission status.

For submissions in Draft status:

  • Edit: eSubmission opens the screen you were in when you left  the application. You can now edit your submission in eSubmission.
  • View:  eSubmission opens the screen you were in when you left the application. It is not possible to edit the submission as you are viewing it in read-only mode. 
  • Delete the draft submission will be deleted from the Funding & Tenders Portal.

For submissions in Submitted status:

  • View Receipt: the submission receipt is displayed.
  • Withdraw (available only before the deadline for submission): provide the reason to withdraw the submission and confirm by clicking on the Withdraw button. Once you have withdrawn a submission, you cannot view, edit or submit it again.

For submissions in Withdrawn status:

  • View Withdrawal Receipt: the withdrawal receipt is displayed.

For submissions in Deleted status:

The Action menu is not available for the tenders with status Deleted. Once a draft tender has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved by the tenderer. 

Manage notifications in Funding & Tenders Portal

My notifications

The   PCoCo/CoCo can access this page by clicking on the bell icon at the top right of the screen after having logged in to the Funding & Tenders Portal.


On this page the  PCoCo/CoCo can find the following notifications:

  • Submission Receipt (proof of submission of a tender)
  • Withdrawal Receipt (proof of withdrawal of a tender)

In the Preferences tab under Manage all notifications (at the bottom of the notifications list) the PCoCo/CoCo can choose the frequency of Funding & Tenders Portal email notifications. Independently of your choice all your notifications are always available in the section My notifications .

My Formal Notification(s)

This section, available under Manage my area on the left is currently not used for procurement procedures.