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  • This introductory page contains mainly basic information about the semantic formats of data and metadata responses. This is particularly relevant for obtaining additional information about SDMX and JSON-stat.

  • Getting started, the next page, provides a brief overview about the different endpoints supported in the API. It is strongly recommended to read this page, before proceeding to the next pages.

  • Data discovery provides insights about how to get catalogues and lists of metadata and data.

  • Metadata query and Data query focus on the basic API calls to request metadata and datasets.

  • Metadata filtering and Data filtering provide information about more advanced features to request metadata and datasets.

  • A Frequently asked questions section.

Which organizations expose this API?


The WSDL for SOAP endpoints and WADL for REST endpoints are explained in Getting started.


This online help describes REST operations, as those are primarily recommended for use.


API for Comext datasets

Important note: dedicated endpoints of the new API allow to download Comext and Prodcom datasets.

For these datasets, the <api_base_uri> is:

In the URL above, "comext/" is added to differenciate this base URL from the main one:

Further note concerning Comext datasets: full datasets cannot be downloaded because of their size. They have to be filtered.

Parameter <agencyID> in all SDMX operations descriptions