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The Strategic Development section of the application form is used to list your Motives and Objectives and to provide an overview and description of planned activities related to the planned project.

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This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call year 2023
    • KA150-YOU - Erasmus Accreditation in Youth

Before you start

  • Context and Applicant organisation in the application form has to be complete
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Numbered Headings

Open "Strategic development" 

Click on Strategic development in the content menu. The Strategic development screen opens.

The section contains two subsections, which both must be completed:

  • Motivation and Objectives 
  • Overview of planned activities

Open Strategic Development

Fill in Motivation and objectives

Provide basic information on why you apply and what you aim to achieve

Provide information in the first section about the main motivation to participate and the foreseen goals and issues you seek to address.

Provide basic information on Motivation

Provide and describe key objectives 

In the following part you need to add a section for each objective, you want to address with your projects.

An empty subsection is already prepared for the mandatory Objective 1

Further objectives may be added by clicking the blue Add objective button. 

For each objective you need to provide a Description and an Explanation.

You may delete wrongly added objectives by clicking the red x. 


You cannot delete the first objective.

Define key objectives

Provide additional information on the intended impact and the methods applied in achieving the objectives

Complete all other required information in this subsection.

Additional information on objectives

Provide overview of planned activities

Specify the years in which you plan activities

In the header of the Activities table you need to specify the years that you plan your activities for. 

You are requested to make a plan for at least 3 years. Should you wish to submit a plan for more years, you can do so by adding more columns.

  1. Select the first year of your project in the drop-down list.
  2. depending on the number of years you plan this activity you must add additional years by clicking the blue + icon at the end of the line.
  3. if you have defined too many years you may remove the last year listed by clicking the red x icon at the end of the line.

Specify years for activities

Add activity types 

In the table you need to add a line for each activity type you foresee.

An empty row is already prepared for the first activity type. 

1. For each Activity type you must specify:

  • Activity type (from a drop-down list)
  • The number of activities you foresee for each year for this activity type
  • The number of volunteers you foresee for each year for this activity type
  • The objective you want to achieve by this activity type (from a drop-down list with your key objectives) 

2. Further activity types may be added by clicking the blue Add an activity button. 

3. You may remove an activity from the table by clicking the red Delete button associated with the activity you want delete, and confirm.


You may only add one activity type per defined objective. i.e. if you have one objective, you can only have one activity type, if you have 3 objectives, you can have 3 activity types.

Add activity types

Provide additional information about the planned activities and your organisation's approach

Complete all other required information in this subsection.

Additional information for activities

Example of a completed "Strategic Development" section

Once you have correctly completed all sections and subsections, the section is marked with a green check.

Strategic Development complete

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