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It is important to ensure that your content is accessible to users with disabilities, particularly those who use assistive technologies, like screen readers, voice command software or switch devices. Screen readers, for example, rely on the correct use of <tags> in HTML code to denote elements such as headings, lists and tables. The text can then be converted into speech or read using a braille reader.

You must think about accessibility of a new website's content before it goes live. First and foremost, you must review your content and send a website accessibility evaluation report to DG COMM before the site becomes the launch. Please find below more information about what to check and to report on. 

Drupal comes with a WYSIWYG editor that will automatically tag most elements of a web page. If you are familiar with HTML, you can add tags in the source code. The formatting tools available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint should also be used to tag headings, lists and tables.