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Survey on Recognition

Once individuals have participated in an Erasmus+ mobility project and submitted their feedback on the experience in the participant report, for KA1071 and KA1032 participants the next step is to fill in the Survey on Recognition.

The purpose of the survey is to report on the recognition of the mobility period abroad. The survey assesses the quality of the recognition provided upon their return at the sending institution. The Survey on Recognition is completed online in EU Survey and is offered in various languages.

The participant receives an email with a dedicated link to the survey. The email request is automatically triggered by Mobility Tool+ 45 days after the end date of the mobility is reached. It is only relevant for KA107 projects and KA103 for mobilities of activity type HE-SMS-P. 



For KA107: The mobility's end date must be at least 45 days in the past and the participant report must already be submitted. If both these conditions are met the notification to complete the Survey of Recognition will be sent the next day.

For KA103 of activity type HE-SMS-P: The mobility's end date must be at least 45 days in the past and the participant report must already be submitted. In addition, if the answer to question 4.8. of the participant report is "No, the recognition process is still on-going", the Survey of Recognition will be sent the next day.

Like the participant report, the participant receives an email notification to inform them to complete the Survey on Recognition. The survey can be saved as draft for later submission. After submission, the participant can download a PDF version of the report, but cannot edit the form again.

The final beneficiary report will include a section using answers to questions from the standard Participant Reports and from the Participant reports on Recognition that were submitted by the time of the final beneficiary report submission. The participant Survey on Recognition can be completed any time after the recognition process is finalised.

Relevant for...

titleClick here to expand to see the table below indicating the Call Year(s), Key Action(s) and Action(s) where the following wiki page is relevant.
Call YearKey ActionAction

2016 onward

KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

KA103 - Only for activities of type HE-SMS-P

KA107 - Only student Mobility for Traineeships To/From Partner Countries (HE-SMP-T)



Numbered Headings

Click on the "Mobilities" Tab of the project

The list of mobilities is displayed. It is recommended to add the columnRecognition report for easy identification of mobilities which have submitted the report. (See MT+ Menu and Navigation for specific instructions).

Once the column is visible, for each mobility a status is displayed in the Recognition Report column.

  • NONE: Until all conditions are met (45 days after end of mobility and the participant report submitted)
  • Requested: When the email notification is sent to the participant.
  • Submitted: After the participant has submitted the Survey of Recognition.
  • Undelivered: The report was sent, but could not be delivered to the e-mail address provided.

Click on the Mobilities Tab of the project

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Check the recognition report status

In this KA107 example here, no recognition report has been submitted yet. All mobilities have either status NONE or Requested in column Recognition Report.

Sample from KA107 projects

In this KA103 project you find for one mobility the Submitted status in the Recognition Report column. All other mobilities have either status NONE or Requested.

Sample from KA103 projects

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Participant Details

To access the participant details, click View.

Participants details

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Recognition report tab

The Recognition report tab in the Participant Details section of the mobility screen indicates the status of the report and the date that it was requested which is the same as the send date of the notification.

Recognition report tab

Re-Send the Survey request

If needed, the survey invitation can be resent to the participant by clicking the Re-Send button. This button is only available for recognition report status Requested and Undelivered. If the status is undelivered the email address should be verified before re-sending.

Re-send the survey request

Download the Recognition Report

For mobilities that have already completed and submitted the survey it is possible to download the survey as a *.pdf file. Click the Download PDF button to do so.

Download the recognition report

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Recognition of Learning Outcomes tab

The Recognition of Learning Outcomes tab in the mobility details can be updated to the actual learning bodies, credits and units detailed by the participant from the survey. The information in this section can also be edited and/or deleted at any time.

Recognition of Learning Outcomes tab

View, edit or delete Recognition of Learning Outcomes

Create new Recognition of Learning Outcomes

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The Survey of Recognition

If the survey was requested, the participant then receives an email with a link to the Survey of Recognition. Each participant receives a unique link to their own survey.

Email Link

Purpose of the Survey on Recognition

In section 1. Purpose of the Survey on Recognition, an outline of the survey details and instructions are given.

Purpose of the Survey on Recognition

Identification of the Participant and General Information

In section 2. Identification of the Participant and General Information, the participant is prompted to fill in details such as name and contact email address details.

Identification of the Participant and General Information

Academic Recognition

Based on how the questions are answered in section 3. Academic Recognition, the options will expand asking the participant to fill in more detail of the recognition body and their opinion on the grade conversion.

Academic Recognition

Conclusions and Usage Rights

The final part of the survey 4. Conclusions, Comments and Recommendations and 5. Publication and Usage Rights of the Information and of the Email Address asks the participant to give additional information regarding their own experience and/or comments on their experiences with the view of assisting in the ongoing improvement of the Erasmus+ programme.

The final radio button gives the participant the option of certain levels of restriction to the publication of their personal contact information.

Once filled in, the Submit button should be clicked to send the information. Alternatively, the participant can also click Save as Draft, to access at a later stage.

Conclusions and Usage Rights

The Thank You screen contains the case ID and and option to print or download the survey as a PDF.

Thank You screen

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