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CP AF Illustrations and changes

The Context section of the application form asks for general information about your project proposal and about the National Agency that will receive, assess and decide on selection of your proposal. 

Our example below shows how to complete the context section using a Erasmus accreditation for higher education mobility consortia (KA130-HED) form

titleTake note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action you apply for. Please read the onscreen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.
If you select a language to be used in the form different to English, certain fields in the form may need to be completed both in the selected language and in English, for example the Project Title (where applicable). 

titleRelevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call year 2023
    • KA1 - Mobility of individuals; except KA121, KA151, to be specified.
    • KA3 - Support for policy reform 
    • KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices 
  • European Solidarity Corps Call year 20222023
    • ESC30 - Solidarity Projects
    • ESC50 - Quality Label 


Numbered Headings

Access the "Context" details

Click on the Context option in the content menu (this is the default option when you start a new application). The context screen opens.

The context screen provides additionally the links to the National Agency contacts and the privacy statement regarding the protection of personal data.

Provide the required information

All mandatory fields are marked with a *

Fields to be completed depend on the selected action you are applying for. In our example, only the National Agency of the Applicant Organisation and Language used to fill in the form have to be filled in.

titlePlease note

If you select a language to be used in the form different to English, certain fields in the form may need to be completed both in the selected language and in English, for example the Project Title (where applicable). 

Open Context section

Select your National Agency

One important aspect to take into account at this step of your application is the National Agency to which you want to submit your application. 

You will find a drop-down list with the relevant Erasmus+ National Agencies covering each field of education, training and youth. In the drop down list, each National Agency is identified by a unique code accompanied by the name of the country in the national language. Select the correct National Agency from the list.

Select your National Agency
If a country has more than one National Agency, you can consult the full list of National Agencies via the link provided in the form.

Link to list of National Agencies

Here you can find the code of the National Agency responsible for your field of education, training and youth to which you should submit your application.

The information to look for on the webpage is NA Code and the fields in which it is active.

Provide other required information

Fill in all remaining required information on the screen. In our example only the Language used to fill in the form still has to be provided, using the available drop-down list.

For information on other possible fields per Key Action, see Key Action specifics.

Note: If information in the form is entered incorrectly or does not fulfil certain criteria, a warning message is displayed. To proceed, such errors have to be corrected.

Provide additional information

KA specific
KA specific

Key action specifics

Depending on the Key Action of your application, you may have to provide some or all of the information below. 

Some forms may request additional information.

KA1/KA3 and ESC Application forms

  • Project Title
  • Project Title in English
  • Project Start Date
  • Project Duration
  • National Agency of the Applicant Organisation
  • Language used to fill in the form

As an example here the context screen for a KA122-SCH - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education form. 

Action Type specific fields

For KA120-SCH,  KA120-ADU, KA120-VET - Erasmus accreditation 

A specific section, Accreditation type, has to be completed:

You must select either the Accreditation for an individual organisation or Accreditation for a Mobility Consortium Coordinator radio button.
Questions in other sections of the Application form will depend on what is selected here.

Accreditation Type (KA120)

KA2 Application forms

  • All of the above
  • Main objective of the project
  • Type of project (Transnational Youth Initiative)
  • Project Acronym
For KA210-SCH - Small-scale partnership projects and KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education:  
  • Project lump sum - to be selected from a drop-down list

KA210-SCH and KA220-SCH - Project lump sum

ESC Application forms

ESC50-QLA Quality Label Application form

In this form you must specify:

  1. Language of Application form
  2. National Agency of the Applicant Organisation
  3. Organisation ID (OID)
    Already existing valid Quality Labels for the selected organisation are listed (including still valid ESC50 or ESC52 accreditations from the previous programme) if applicable.

Sample organisation with existing Quality Labels

Type of Quality label you apply for (radio buttons):

titlePlease note

The available type(s) of Quality label you may apply for vary depending on your country and already existing valid Quality Label(s) from ESC50 and/or ESC52.
The sections and questions in the rest of this application form will vary depending on the type of Quality Label(s) you apply for.

  1. Application for a Quality Label role (host and/or support)
  2. Application for lead organisation

Select Type of Quality Label

If you select host and/or support you will have to select which of the roles you apply for in a separate drop-down box.

Expected Outcome

  • Context section marked complete

Context section complete

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