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This page explains how to submit an application form for Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps and how to handle a resubmission. 

Our example below shows how to submit an application using an Erasmus accreditation for higher education mobility consortia (KA130-HED) form


All content sections of your application form must be completed and all required annexes have to be attached before you can submit your application form.

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Detailed Steps

Numbered Headings

Submitting an application

Ensure the application is complete

If all content sections of your application form are marked with a green check and you have attached all required documents, you can submit your form to your National Agency.  

Ensure Application form is completeImage Modified

Click "Submit"

To submit the application, click the Submit button in the top right corner of your screen. This button is activated only when all required sections of the application are filled in, required documents are attached and all tasks in the checklist confirmed.


Depending on the Application Form you are trying to submit, the required sections will vary. The shown screenshots are from a KA131-HED form.

  • Sharing is not required
  • History is not required

Submit the Application formImage Modified

Confirm submission

A pop-up message will display, confirming the submission. Click OK to close the window.

Notification of successful submissionImage Modified

Once submitted, the application form will close and you will be redirected to the My Applications screen. In My applications you can now find your submitted application with status SUBMITTED

Status updated to Submitted in My applicationsImage Modified

Confirmation notification

A confirmation email is sent to the preferred contact persons and legal representative of the participating organisations (applicant, partners excl. hosting partners, consortium members, institutions and non-academic partners of partner countries) after submission. The email contains the following information regarding your application:

  • Project information: 

    • Project Title: visible only if project title is available

    • Action: Action type, for example Mobility for learners and staff of accredited organisations in vocational education and training (KA121-VET)

    • Call for proposals: call year

    • National Agency: Full name of your NA and NA code 

  • Organisation information: 

    • Legal name: Applicant organisation legal name

    • Organisation ID: Applicant OID number

    • Role of organisation in the application: Applicant or consortium member or partner

  • Submission information: 

    • Form ID: FormID of the submitted form

    • Submission ID: Submission ID

    • Submission date (dd/mm/yyyy): Submission date in format dd/mm/yyy

    • Submission time (Brussels, Belgium time): Submission time in format hh24:mm:ss

Submitting the application more than once (Resubmission)

Access "My Applications"

If you need to make changes to an already submitted application before the submission deadline, you can reopen the form and resubmit it after the adjustments are made.

This is only possible within the application period and not after submission deadline.

From the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform access the APPLICATIONS and then My Applications. You can use the Search functionality to quickly find the application you want to modify and resubmit.

Find submitted application in My applicationsImage Modified

Reopen the application form

To reopen the application form for resubmission, click on the Actions button for the form you want to resubmit, and select Reopen.

Reopen the form for editingImage Modified

Confirm Reopening of form

Click Yes to confirm the request to reopen the form.

Confirm reopeningImage Modified

A message confirming the successful reopening is displayed in the bottom right corner.

Reopen successfulImage Modified 

Update and resubmit the updated form

The application form reopens in status DRAFT, including all already submitted details.

Update and resubmit formImage Modified

Make the required changes in the form. Once the changes are made, resubmit the application by clicking on the Submit button. If you do not finalise the submission, the changes are only stored in the application form but not submitted to your National Agency.

As with the initial application, the Submit button will only be active if all sections in the form are completed and valid and marked with a green check.

Late submission of an application 

Applications for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps have a set deadline, visible on the home screen and in the header of the form. If the deadline expires, applicants will not be able to submit their applications.

An exception is made if the applicant can prove that they tried to apply before the official application deadline and were not able to do so for technical reasons. In such case the applicant must contact their National Agency.

The late application may still be considered for late submission if the following three conditions are met:

  1. The date and time of the last submission attempt as mentioned in the electronic application form History section are before the applicable official application deadline.
  2. The applicant has informed the National Agency within 24 hours after the application deadline (Brussels time). After this time, the request can no longer be considered.
  3. The applicant has sent to the National Agency within 24 hours after the application deadline (Brussels time), by email, a complete application form unmodified after their submission attempt (in pdf form). See how to print the form for details.

The National Agency will then decide whether to accept the late submission or not. If it is accepted, the National Agency will reopen the application and give the applicant permission to either only submit or make changes to the application before submitting it.

The new deadline for submission will be communicated by the National Agency, and the number of days left for late submission is also displayed in the My applications tab. The original call/round deadline remains displayed inside the form.

After the application is reopened, submit it in the same way as described under Submitting an application.


Submission History

Every time you submit (or try to submit) your application, the submission is recorded in the History section. Each submission of an application is identified by a Version and a Submission ID. 

See Submission History for more details.

View Submission historyImage Modified

Expected Outcome

  • The application form is marked as Submitted.
  • The application is available from My Applications.
  • The submission of the application is listed in the History section of the form.

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