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The Partnership Dashboard is available as of call year 2018 for KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships projects in Mobility Tool+. 

It provides project coordinators an overview of the status of all partner projects. It also enables the coordinator to submit the final beneficiary reports for all partners at the same time (when appropriate). All partners can access the dashboard in their own split project, but only the coordinator can submit the final beneficiary reports to the relevant National Agencies.

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KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships

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The Partnership Dashboard

Explanation and illustration

For the project coordinator, the Partnership Dashboard lists all the partners in the joint project. For the other partners, the dashboard lists their own project and the coordinator's project. The following information is available:

  1. Grant Agreement Number, linked to the actual project in Mobility Tool+
  2. Organisation name
  3. OID
  4. Project status
  5. An indication of which partner is the Coordinator of the joint project
  6. An indication of whether a partner's report is included in the joint partnership report

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Project statuses

Every partner's project progress is reflected in the dashboard via one of the following statuses:

  • Follow-up: The project has been created in Mobility Tool+ and project details can be added.
  • Processing: The beneficiary report has been generated and is saved as a draft. This includes the case where a report that is Ready to submit has been reverted to a draft using the Return to draft option.
  • Ready to submit: The partner has completed the report and the project is locked. It awaits submission by the coordinator.
  • Submit in progress: The button Submit All Reports has been clicked by the coordinator.
  • Submitted: Partner report has been successfully submitted. All reports submitted by the coordinator should display the status submitted, unless unlinked by the National Agency of the coordinating organisation.
  • Finalised: The project has been finalised.
  • Terminated with eligible costs: The project has been processed as terminated with eligible costs.
  • Terminated no costs: The project has been processed as terminated with no costs.

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Submitting the partnership report

Explanation and illustration

When all partner school reports are marked as Ready to submit, the coordinator will be able to submit them at the same time by clicking the Submit partnership report button.

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During submission, the project statuses are updated accordingly. 

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When the submission to the National Agency's Project Management system is complete, the project status displays Submitted.

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In the Reports tab of the project the submission status is also updated. 

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Unlinking a partner project

Explanation and illustration

If necessary, the National Agency of the coordinating organisation can unlink a partner project if:

  • the partner project final beneficiary report is not ready for submission, or
  • the project should be considered for termination.

If the National Agency of a partner organisation wishes to request additional information from that organisation, the partner's project is unlinked automatically from the other projects.

Once the partner project is unlinked, it can be processed further alone, allowing the coordinator to submit all other reports that are ready for submission.

In the Partnership Dashboard, the unlinked project is still visible, but marked as unlinked, by an X in the Included in joint partnership report column. 

The Submit partnership report button is active, as all linked projects are Ready to submit

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