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CP Script

This page explains how to manage documents in the Organisation Registration system. 

After your organisation is registered in the Organisation Registration system you can add documents that are needed by the National Agency to certify your organisation. Information on the documents to be uploaded can be found in the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programme guides. 

If your organisation's information was automatically transferred from SEDIA to the Organisation Registration system, the available documents were also transferred and can be accessed in the Organisation Registration system. When checking and/or updating your organisation information, also check the documents section. Documents that are older than six months should be renewed. 

Accessing the Documents section of the organisation is possible:

  1. Directly after registering a new organisation by clicking on the Documents section of the form or
  2. Via the list of My Organisations, for previously registered organisations.

Once documents are uploaded to the Organisation Registration system they cannot be deleted. 

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CP ORS Illustrations and changes

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Open "My Organisations"

In the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform go to Organisations in the main menu, then click on My Organisations.

Alternatively if you are in Search for an Organisation, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ORGANISATIONS - My Organisations.


The My organisations section is only visible once you are authenticated (signed in to EU Login).

View list of organisations

Here you can find a list of organisations either registered by you or for which you are an authorised person to represent the organisation in relation to Erasmus+ and/or European Solidarity Corps programmes.

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Access organisation details

Click on the blue Organisation ID to access the details for the selected organisation in the Organisation Registration system.  

The Organisation Registration system opens with the details of the selected organisation. From here, you may view or update the organisation information. 

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For details on how to update your organisation information please see the page OID Modify Organisation.

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OID My Organisations
OID My Organisations


Access the "Documents" section

Select the Documents section in the Content menu.

This will take you to the documents section of the form, displaying, if available, documents currently uploaded to your organisation information. 

Access Documents section

Add a new document(s)

Click on the Add document button. It will open a popup asking you to upload a document.  

Click Add document

Select a file to upload

Select a file: Click Choose File and choose the file to upload from your computer. 

Document Type: Once you have chosen your file, indicate the Document type from the drop-down list. If you do not find your chosen type of document, choose the "Other" option. 

titleMaximum file size is 20 MB !

There is no limit to the total size or total number of attachments but each individual file cannot be greater than 20 MB.  

Select a file to upload

Upload the file

Once you have made sure that you have chosen the correct file and selected the correct document type, click on Upload.

Upload file

Your documents list will be updated with your new document.

Upload further documents

Repeat this for all the documents you need to upload to your organisation.

Document available in document list

Update organisation with added documents

Once you added all documents, finalise the document upload by clicking on the Update button. 

If this is not done, the uploaded files will not be saved in the Organisation Registration system.

Save the changes to your organisation

After the successful update, the status column for each uploaded file is updated with a green dot. In the column Actions a contextual menu button is now available with the options Download and Add new Version.   

The documents list is grouped by document type and has the option to search for a specific document. See List Functionalities for details. 

Groups of documents in Document list

Download documents

To download an uploaded file, click on the Download icon in the Actions column. Follow the on-screen instructions to save or open the file. 

Select a document for download

Add new version of a document

To upload a new version of a file, click on the Add new document version button in the Actions column. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload a new version of the file. 

Do not forget to click on Update Organisation afterwards to save the uploaded document(s). 

Add new version of a document

View/download historic versions

Older versions of a document can be accessed by clicking on the blue arrow, which is available in the 1st column of each document with more than one version. They can also be downloaded as described above.

Access older versions of document

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