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Agenda item 


Open Maps for Europe (Nathalie Delattre, EuroGeographics)

Updates on central INSPIRE components 1/2 (JRC)

  • Geoportal
    • State-of-play (JRC)
    • Redesigned backend (GeoCat)
    • New frontend for HVD (JRC)
  • The current status and planned future activities on the Geoportal were presented.
    • GeoCat is working on a prototype for the backend of the Geoportal based on GeoNetwork, which will migrate all the existing functionality and also improve the harvesting system thanks to a micro-service approach. The prototype is under development and should be ready by the end of the summer.
    • The new frontend, tailored to the new implementing provisions on High-Value datasests (HVD), is ready and will be published together with Implementing Act in Q3 or Q4 2021.
Coffee break
Survey & discussion on MIG-T meetings format
  • was used to gather feedback on the MIG-T meetings format. Overall, the vast majority of MIG-T members confirms that the meeting format, scope and length are appropriate (see the results of the slido poll).
  • The feedback collected will be used for improving future meetings.

  •  JRC to present a summary of the feedback and propose approach(es) for improving the way in which the regular MIG-T meetings are organised.

Updates on central INSPIRE components 2/2 (JRC)

  • Validator 
    • New release and tests
      • Annex II/III Data Specifications
      • OGC API - Features
    • New UI
  • Re3gistry and INSPIRE Registry 
    • Deployment of ver. 2 for INSPIRE
    • IACS codelists
    • DIGITAL Common Services Platform
  • The current status and planned future activities for the Validator and Registry were presented.

Update on Commission initiatives 

  • GreenData4All & High-value datasets (ENV)
  • Development of pan-European reference data sets (ESTAT)
  • INSPIRE Virtual conference 2021 (JRC)
  • GAIA-X workshop (ENV, JRC, BKG)
  • IACS data sharing clinic (JRC)
  • Status an future plans for several Commission initiatives were presented.
Wrap up of the meetingThe next (67th) MIG-T meeting is scheduled for 7 and 8 of October (lunch-to-lunch).