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Follow these steps to access the Extranet Confluence Wikis:

1) Create an EU Login account:

full guide (English version): EU_Login_Tutorial.pdf

short guide (French version): EU_Login_Tutorial_short_FR.pdf


Should you get any kind of issues to create your EU Login account, send email to:

2) Once your account is created, go to:

3) Find your userID: go to 'My account', 'My account details' and 'Unique identifier at the Commission (uid)'

=> Remember this userID, it will be required when using the Confluence Wikis

5) Go to the Extranet Confluence homepage:

6) You should be automatically authenticated (via EU Login). If not, click 'Log in' in the top right corner:


7) Enter your EU Login credentials. You shall see the representation of a person in the top right corner. It means that you are connected:

8) once connected, you can access content (mainly wiki pages) visible by any EU Login users. To get access to a specific wiki space:

  • contact and indicate your userID to its wiki administrators, they are in charge of granting access and permissions - you should probably know who they are, assuming they sent to you address of the wiki
  • in case you do not know who are the wiki administrators, send an email: by indicating the wiki space address (or name) you need to access and your userID.