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See also the accessibility checklist for tips on making accessible content.

There are different deadlines for doing this, depending on whether you have a site or an app, and when it was published.


  • office file formats published before 23 September 2018 (unless needed for active administrative processes relating to the tasks performed by the organisation)
  • pre-recorded video or audio or other ‘time-based media’ published before 23 September 2020
  • live video or audio or other time-based media
  • online maps, as long as key information is provided in an accessible digital way for maps for navigational use
  • third-party content that is not funded or developed by, or under the control of, the organisation concerned
  • reproductions of items in heritage collections that cannot be made fully accessible
  • extranets and intranets – websites that are only available for a closed group of people and not the general public, published before 23 September 2019, until they undergo a substantial revamp
  • archives – sites and apps that contain only content that is not needed for active administrative processes and not edited or updated after 23 September 2019

Writing an accessibility statement

Under the Web Accessibility Directive, EU public sector websites should have an accessibility statement.


While DG Communication cannot endorse any specific products or software, here are some tools you may like to try:


The Directive requires that public sector organisations apply European standard EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (2018‑08) to their websites and online tools. This standard is based on the latest version of the guidelines, WCAG 2.1, conformance level AA.

Learn more

Watch this video of a presentation on digital accessibility (EU Login required) given by Tanja Kleut, an expert on accessibility from the European Parliament, to find out more about accessibility standards and best practice.

Contact and support

Need further assistance on this topic? Please contact the team in charge of Europa Domain Management (EU Login required)