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The EWPP offers the most commonly needed features for European Commission websites. The obligation to use the EWPP depends on website categories as well as specific features of the websites. For more details about website categories, see the European Commission websites section of the Europa Web Guide.

In the case of:

  • Core core and standardised websites: owners are expected to use the Europa Web Publishing platform (EWPP). In general, the use of the EWPP is mandatory for new projects.

Please note that Drupal 7 will soon be discontinued, therefore all standardised websites initially developed in Drupal 7 must migrate to the D8 version of the Platform. Follow the web request process to get approval for your migration project.

  • Harmonised harmonised websites: owners are also welcome to explore whether the EWPP can meet their needs. EWPP offers many functionalities common to most DGs and libraries with all visual elements for EC branded websites, but does not include collaborative features like blogs or forums for instance. If the EWPP does not meet your needs, please use additional distributions made available by DGs COMM and DIGIT.